These are the contexts of the quotes tweeted from March 7 through March 13. All but the last are from Lore of the Witch World, by Andre Norton, but they are from two different stories in that book.

Lore WW“To say that one could not do a thing before one ever tried was folly.” Dairene, blind and faced with the order to gather thread. “Spider Silk.”

“Was it not true that all had each his or her own gift?” Belief of those of Tormarsh, recalled by Tursla as she is aware of her own differences. “Sand Sister.”

“From every action there issue at least two ways.” The Clan mother, speaking to Tursla. “Sand Sister”

“Seek not any gate until the time.”  Part of the sand-sister’s advice to Tursla. “Sand Sister.”

“Knowledge was of no help unless one could tap it.” Tursla, knowing that she must do something, but not knowing what. “Sand Sister.”

“Can my spirit break a bond laid upon the body?” Tursla, wondering if she will be able to leave Tormarsh, as she knows there is a boundary set by magic. “Sand Sister.”

“It should be easy enough to crack water if you have the energy.” Roi is wondering why the fossil-fuel-poor but energy-rich planet of Horizon is not developing a hydrogen fuel economy. Bowling, “Horse Power.”

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