Homecoming cover. The photo is a Hubble image of the Cat’s Eye Nebula.

This is by no means a complete list! I started out putting in the blogs in the group “WordPress Bloggers” and then started adding recent blogs from “What Did You Blog About Today?” and “Blooming Late.” They are not in any logical order. But this is a place to add blogs by writers as I find them on SheWrites. All have entries at least since  September, 2011.
http://clairemca.wordpress.com Claire McAlpine, book reviews etc.
http://www.thewritingreader.com/blog Liz Shaw, writing prompts
http://solidhappiness.blogspot.com/ Kate OMM, the good life
http://julietgreenwoodauthor.wordpress.com/ Juliet Greenwood, Author Blog
https://homecomingbook.wordpress.com/ Sue Ann Bowling, Day of Week subjects
http://www.blesseddepth.com/ Marjorie Rhea, Blessed Depth
http://www.adnutther.com/ Marjorie Rhea, Adventures in Nutritional Therapy
www.britstclair.com Brit St. Clair, writers’ website
http://www.mothervoices.com/ inc Jen Wilson Lloyd , (m)other voices, group blog
http://micheleberger.wordpress.com/ Michele Tracy Berger , The Practice of Creativity
http://thewritershelp.wordpress.com Jackie Ann Paulson, writers’ help
http://LadiesWhoCritique.com Laura Pepper, critiquing group
http://laurapepperwu.wordpress.com Laura Pepper, book marketing
http://www.ehilarity.com Lindsay LaVine, humor
www.diyromance.com  Robin Hawke, Six word romances

Tourist Trap: the second novel about the Confederation that grew from Jarn. The white lead dog is Snowflake.

www.diaryofabooklover.com Sara Lind, book reviews of Pulitzers
www.momentsofexhilaration.com Sara Lind, Mommy blog
http://animprobablelife.com/ Becky Green Aaronson, The Art of an Improbable Life
http://reflectionsinhindsight.wordpress.com Lisa Lickel and others, writer site
http://rhodesidemusings.blogspot.com Gwendolyn Rhodes
http://www.cherilasota.com/blog/ Cheri Lasota, writing and publishing
http://ryderislington.wordpress.com/ Ryder Islington, writing
http://anotherjoy.wordpress.com/ Alicia, I Can Relate
http://anotherjoywrites.wordpress.com/ Alicia, So The Story Goes
www.realityspace.wordpress.com Ms. Reality, Space self refective
http://nellewrites.net/ Nelle Douville, Writing
http://getreadingnow.wordpress.com Jackie Ann Paulson, Book Reviews
http://thewritershelp.wordpress.com Jackie Ann Paulson, writing
http://expatrimummy.wordpress.com/ Virginia Williams, move from Ohio to England
www.ourbetterdaycare.wordpress.com Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan, parents and daycare
http://www.intentionalinsights.com/ Kelly Harrell, Intentional Insights
http://www.viviankirkfield.wordpress.com Vivian Kirkfield, Parenting
http://wadadlipen.wordpress.com Joanne C. Hillhouse, Caribbean literature
http://jordanrosenfeld.net/blog/ Jordan E. Rosenfeld, writing
www.writechangegrow.com Thea Easterby, writing
http://welshjensblog.blogspot.com/ Jennifer Davies, Novice Writers’ Journal
http://chatkathsocial.wordpress.com/ Kathy Tinney, blogging for business
http://naturallyorganic.wordpress.com/ Kathy Tinney, Natually Organic
http://getoffmysoapbox.com/ Colleen Crinion, Random with a feminist bent.
http://keepingsane.com/ Kat Ward, Random
http://costajill.com/ Jill Green, blog from Costa Rica
http://trishafaye.wordpress.com/ Pat Nance, Daily Celebrations
http://gotmidlife.blogspot.com/ Yvonne L., Midlife
http://sicklecell-ourvoice.blogspot.com/ P. Allen Jones, Sickle Cell Anemia
http://ponderfaith.wordpress.com/ P. Allen Jones, Faith in God
http://therippleeffect2009.wordpress.com/ Pamela Mathison Levitt, Parenting and other
http://piedmont-island-trilogy.blogspot.com/Anne K. Albert, Writing
http://writingwithoutpaper.blogspot.com/ Mareen E. Doallas, art and literature
http://stacygreenauthor.com/ Stacy Green, mixed
http://www.successfullysurvivingsexualabuse.com/ Darla Renee, surviving a dysfunctional family
http://softvoiceofafreespirit.blogspot.com/ Irene Cortez, from the Philippines
http://gobsmackedwriter.blogspot.com/ Valerie Brooks, writing and the writing world
http://www.wordsxo.com/ Julia Munroe Martin, writing and the writing life
http://networkedblogs.com/n71UM Kimberly Sullivan, Journey toward Epiphany
http://ruththewriter.blogspot.com/ Ruth Berge, writers
http://mtclosetowin.blogspot.com/ Marie Cauley, Faith, Health and Wellness
http://mhgerberbooks.blogspot.com/ Maureen Gerber, book promotion
http www.angeliquejurd.com Angelique Jurd, reviews
http://barbaraehrentreu.blogspot.com/ Barbara Ehrentreu, Barbara’s Meaderings
http://marie-cauley.suite101.com/ Marie Cauly, mixed
http://samantha-stacia.blogspot.com/ Samantha Stacia, the Blooming Late Journal
http://thinkinginmyheadma.blogspot.com Michael Ann Riley, Thinking in my Head
http://thebiggreenbowl.blogspot.com Michael Ann Riley, The Big Green Bowl  (recipes)
http://www.allonbooks.com Shawn Lamb, book promotion
http://theremustbesomemistake.com Marilyn Fried, Life
http://calluna.wordpress.com/ Heather R. Smith, Thoughts on random topics
http://cathyscsa.blogspot.com/ Catherine Lanser, Cooking by the box
http://debragrayelliott.blogspot.com/ Debra Ann Gray-Ellliott, Words are Timeless
http://writinginthemarginsburstingattheseams.blogspot.com/ Kelly Garriott Waite, Life
http://cwc6161.wordpress.com  Candice W. Coghill,Thus Spake the Hermudgeon
http://deborahbatterman.com/ Deborah Batterman, The Things She Thinks About
http://cmvillani.blogspot.com/ C. M. Villani, Inside the Heart of a Storyteller
http://www.kellyhashway.com/ Kelly Hashway, Adventures in all things reading and writing
http://gardengatewares.blogspot.com/ Elizabeth Young, GardenGates
http://gypsyroxylee.wordpress.com/ Bella, One Sister’s Rant
http://connectere.wordpress.com Jan Yourist, Nexus: A Means of Connection
http://www.yardsalebloodbath.com Jenny Hayes, Yard Sales
http://claudsy.wordpress.com/ Claudette J. Young, Writer doings
http://trailinginspirations.wordpress.com/ Claudette J. Young, Travel
http://claudsy.blogspot.com/ Claudette J. Young, Writing
http://missycaldwell.com/ Missy Caldwell, Crossing the Line
http://wanderlustandlipstick.com/blogs/ Nancy Mueller, Women’s Travel
http://www.traveling-through.com/ Julie Farrar, Traveling Through …
http://laundrylinedivine.com/ suzi banks baum, The Sacred in daily life
http://www.shewrites.com/profiles/blogs/some-sites-to-bookmark-useful-info-for-book-marketingJan Wade. This post is on book marketing; the general link for Jan’s blog is farther down.
http://www.shewrites.com/profiles/blog/list General blog posts on the SheWrites site.
http://megwaiteclayton.com/1stbooks/ Meg Waite Clayton, Stories of how writers get started
http://3to9travels.wordpress.com/ Amy LaBonte, 3 to 9 travels
http://www.scruffy-duck.net/ Rhian Williams, Weird and Important
http://crazyladywithapen.blogspot.com/ Darian Wilk, Crazy Lady with a Pen
http://anne-k-albert.blogspot.com/ Anne K. Albert, Mystery and Romantic Suspense
http://gagestoryseries.blogspot.com/ Gwendolyn Gage, Christian Historical Romance
http://www.carolsnotes.net/ Carol Apple, Carol’s Notes
http://lisachickos.blogspot.com/ Lisa Ann Chickos, Kicked, Cornered, Bitten and Chased
http://congenitallydisturbed.wordpress.com/ Bibliofanatique
http://www.mynewhitmanwrites.com/ Myne Whitman, writing excerpts
http://www.friendgrief.com/ Victoria Noe, FriendGrief.
http://businessandcreativewomensforum.blogspot.com/ Nancy Hinchliff, Business and Creative Womens Forum
http://www.emperorsclothes.co.uk/ Helen Smith, writer
http://bookfare.blogspot.com/ Shelly Workinger, But what are they eating?
http://oebooks.blogspot.com/ Publisher
http://deborah-lawrenson.blogspot.com/ Deborah Lawerson, Provence, the Luberon and old house on a hill
http://elisabethkinsey.wordpress.com/ Elizabeth Kinsey, reading like a writer
http://pennamevalontine.blogspot.com/ Valorie Baker, Pen Name Valontine
http://columbiawritersworkshop.blogspot.com/search/label/Michelle%20Gwynn%20Jones Michelle Gwynn Jones, writing
http://hoofprintsinmygarden.blogspot.com/ Annette, garden thoughts and poems
http://www.amemorabletimeofmylife.blogspot.com/ Nancy Hinchliff, A memorable time of my life
http://www.catrambles.com/ Cat von Hassel-Davies, Cat Rambles
http://lapidaryprose.wordpress.com/ Elizabeth Anne Mitchell Lapidary Prose
http://www.widowsphere.blogspot.com/ Thelma Zirkelbach, Widowsphere
http://komzreviews.blogspot.com/ Komal Mansoor, The Review Girl
http://www.sarahealy.com Sara Healy, A Sharing Connection
http://blogofavetswife.blogspot.com/ Nancy MacMillan, Blog of a Vet’s Wife
http://www.intentionalinsights.com/ Kelley Harrell, Intentional Insights
http://thephoenixdj.blogspot.com/ , D.J.,The Phoenix Speaks
http://siftingthegrain.wordpress.com/ anopisthographiste, Sifting the Grain
http://writingfeemail.wordpress.com/ writingfeemail, mixed
http://www.ilieruby.com/ Ilie Ruby, The Language of Trees
http://recoveryourjoy.blogspot.com/ Louise Gallagher, Recover Your Joy
http://perfectlyawfulusa.blogspot.com/ Beverly Diehl OCPD – Scattered Thoughts from the Front Lines
http://melzzartt.wordpress.com/ M. Eileen Bohrer, art
http://expatlogue.wordpress.com/ Alisha Isabel Ashraf, Expatalogue
http://healnowandforever.net/ Jodi Aman, The adventures of a Time Wrinkler
http://devourtheworld.com/ Jenny Kayano, Devour the World
http://romancethethrillquill.blogspot.com/ S. L. Bartlett, Romancing The Thrill Quill
http://departingthetext.blogspot.com/ Maryl Jaffe, parenting, literacy and crativity
http://gwendolyngage.blogspot.com/ Gwendolyn Gage, Serving through Words
http://return2writing.com/ Candyce Carden, Return 2 Writing
http://blog.care.com/ Lorraine Duffy Merki, blogging mothers group
http://writingasmysoulspeaks.blogspot.com/ Joyce Valentine, Writing as my soul speaks
http://sizeandsubstance.com/ Cristina Fahrbach-connors, Size and Substance
http://tammysbookreviews.blogspot.com/ Tammy Thomas, Book reviews
http://brendarm26.wordpress.com Brenda Engelhardt, from the life of a ‘crazy’ mom
http://www.101achievementsblog.com Jennifer Tkocs, 101 Achievements
http://fionajphillips.blogspot.com/ Fiona Phillips, Fi’s Magical Writing Haven
http://murderingthetext.blogspot.com/ Fiona Phillips, Murdering the Text
http://pinkblossombluesky.blogspot.com/ Fiona Phillips, Pink Blossom Blue Sky Gifts
http://strangemoo.blogspot.com/ Fiona Phillips, Chewing the Cud of Life
http://seehearam.tumblr.com/ Fiona Phillips What I See, What I Hear, What I Am
http://eugeniaagamble.blogspot.com/ Eugenia Gamble, Conversations in Good Company
http://looking-around.blogspot.com/ Karen A. Wyle, Looking Around
http://www.laterbloomer.com/ Debra Eve, Adult late bloomers
http://www.innnotes.blogspot.com/ Nancy Hinchliff, Bed and Breakfast
http://nadinefeldman.com/ Nadine Galinsky Feldman, A Woman’s Nest
http://artofthegarden.wordpress.com/ Nadine Galinsky Feldman, Art of the Garden
http://trishafaye.wordpress.com/ Pat Nance, Daily celebrations and quilts
http://emilykennedyauthor.com/ Emily Kennedy mixed
http://thejoysofcooking-alovestory.com/ Judith Newton, Novel
www.adventuresbythebook.com Susan Mc Beth, Literary tours
http://thespiritthatmovesme.blogspot.com/ Kristen, Love, Lore and Lessons Learned
http://singlesmartandsurviving.blogspot.com/ Sue, Single, Smart and Surviving
http://lifang-leehong.blogspot.com/ TOH Lee Hong, Coffee, Chocolate or Tennis
http://viewfromthewinepress.blogspot.com/ Eula McLeod, View from the Winepress
http://www.karenszklanygault.com/blog/ Karen Szklany Gault, Gardening
http://annacreativegirl.wordpress.com/ Anna L. Grace, Creative space
http://tinahoggatt.wordpress.com/ Tina Hoggatt, Big Ideas
http://www.rossandrawhite.com Rossandra White, mixed
http://theresavarela.com Theresa Varela Writing, Spirituality and Psychiatry
http://plottingprincesses.blogspot.com Vicki Batman, group writing blog
http://chloeofthemountain.com/ Chloe  Jeffreys, Tales of a brazen woman
http://www.hopefilledjars.blogspot.com/ Judith van Praag, hopeful thoughts
http://beyondthetrenches.blogspot.com/ Tracey Vale, beyond the trenches
http://traceyvale.blogspot.com/ Tracey Vale, Express Words
http://alifelinecreation.tumblr.com  Aundria Sheppard Morgan, For those perched on life’s edge
http://iftruthbetold.tumblr.com Aundria Sheppard Morgan, If Truth Be Told
http://www.juneohara.com/ June O’Hara, the neurosis files
http://thejoyofthewrittenword.wordpress.com/ Patricia Blomeley-Maddigan, Books and reviews.
http://www.writingmylifestory.blogspot.com/ Sherrey Meyer, memoir
http://www.codyyoungblog.blogspot.com/ Cody Young, writing
http://www.backbonewomen.com/ Sherri Williams, women of color
http://poppilinnstudios.blogspot.com/ Lynn Lombardi Poppi Linn
http://monicastangledweb.com/ Monica Medina, Monica’s Tangled Web
http://darkenedpages.wordpress.com/ Kristy S. Elliott, Darkened Pages
http://www.carpekeyboard.blogspot.com/ Karen S. Scott, writing
http://poeticperigrination.blogspot.com/ Candice Coghill, Poetic Perigrination
http://theartoftoadkissing.wordpress.com Heidi Lee, dating
http://www.annieboreson.com Annie Borenson, Annie Off Leash
http://www.sueannjacksonland.blogspot.com/ Sue Ann Jackson, The Truth About Whales
http://www.everydayunderwear.com/ Cindy Brown, Everyday Underwear
http://www.isoldmypearlstodoit.com/ Lisa Beliveau, I Sold my Pearls to Do It
http://www.petsandothercritters.blogspot.com/ Lynn Bennoit, Pets and Other Critters
http://www.adiosbarbie.com/ Sayantani DasGupta, Adios Barbie
http://www.tootimidandsqueamish.com Marcy L., Too Timid and Squeamish
http://allysonmwhipple.wordpress.com Allyson Whipple, Untitled
http://www.shewrites.com/profiles/blog/list?user=06tw4at87jcsi  Jan Fischer Wade, book marketing and promotion
http://sallypanayiotou.wordpress.com/ Sally Panayiotou, Joining the Digital Bookshelf
http://blaqwomanthinking.wordpress.com/ Nona Sevn, Blaq Woman Thinking
http://www.scrollwork.blogspot.com Scrollwork, Quirkyisms from a Tropical Transplant
http://www.ramblingsofacancerkidmom.blogspot.com/ Katie Clark, Ramblings of a Cancer Kid Mom
http://lisawrosenberg.com Lisa W. Rosenberg, Body image and identity
http://tgayer.wordpress.com Tee G. Ayer, YA Paranormal
http://knowledgemaven.wordpress.com/ CeCe Harbor, Writing without boundaries.
http://glassoffancy.com Anne Liu, Glass of Fancy
http://findingyourfire.blogspot.com Kathy Brunner, Finding Your Fire
http://girlstrektoo.com/blog/ Cara Lopez Lee, Girls Trek Too
http://maryellenbrady.com/ Mary Ellen Brady, Fantasy Writing