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PALINOR: #scifi A member planet of the Confederation. At the time Homecoming starts, a group of revolutionaries are fighting against the government. Captured rebels are being enslaved and sold on the interstellar slave market.

GOODNEWS CLUSTER: #scifi A group of three suns circled by five habitable planets. (The suns are far enough apart that they do not disturb the orbits of each other’s planets.) The cluster was settled by a number of different groups who wanted to practice their own beliefs without interference from others, and joined the Confederation as a group. Needless to say, the various groups have started to interfere with each other.

OUTER COUNCIL: An advisory body made up of those with Çeren indices between 108 and 120. They are normally assigned off-planet, working as part of the Outer Council when they are on Central. Since the Çeren index is normally distributed (bell curve) around the average of 72, there are far more Outer than Inner Council members.

HIGH R’IL’NOID: An individual with a Çeren index of 120 or more. All members of both the Inner and Outer Councils are High R’il’noids.

INNER COUNCIL: A ruling body made up of those with Çeren indices of 120 (out of 144) or more. As of the start of Homecoming this body numbers less than twenty. Although they vote on Confederation business and handle most day-to-day decisions, Lai has the right to overrule them. Inner Council members may be asked to undertake work off Central if a particularly sticky situation comes up that requires their special talents.

PLANETARY ASSEMBLY: The ruling body on Central. The members are elected and are Humans (Çeren index less than 72), though a fifth of the seats are occupied by Humans with detectible R’il’nian traits.

CONFEDERATION, JARNIAN CONFEDERATION: A loose confederation of Human-occupied planets. It’s closer to the United Nations than to a country, with much stronger powers than that body with regard to peacekeeping between planets, but can only advise on the internal affairs of any given system. Confederation law applies to R’il’noids and affairs between planetary systems; planetary law applies to individual Humans. Thus, for instance, the Confederation has no power to regulate slavery, even on Central, beyond controlling the maximum in R’il’nian genes allowed in a slave. The Confederation is ruled by the R’il’nai with help from the R’il’noids; planetary systems are ruled by Humans.