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Quotes from Mercedes Lackey

Cover, IntriguesHere are the contexts of the quotes tweeted from @sueannbowling from September 13 through September 19. All but the last are from Intrigues, the second book of the Colloquium Chronicles by Mercedes Lackey.

“I have known many young lovers, and most were fools.”  The Archivist, pointing out the most likely reason that Mags’ parents had left their own homes.

“Being taken by surprise by success can be as hazardous as being taken by surprise by failure.”  Setham, warning Mags that success in the game of Kirball could make him popular unexpectedly.

“No one ever anticipates great intelligence out of a games player or a fine warrior.”  Nicholas to Mags, after Mags gets on a Kirball team. “Low profile” need not include avoiding that kind of success.

“Ye learn a mite or two ‘bout eatin’ when ye ain’t got a lot t’ eat.” Mags, explaining to Bear why he is eating only a light lunch before Kirball practice.

“It’d be nice if some people’d think wi’ their heads, ‘stead uv some other parts.” Mags, when he realizes that many, even Heralds, are suspicious that the “foreigner” in a foreseeing may be him.

“The surest way to make some people to believe almost anything was to deny it.” More of Mags’ problems with the foreseeing of the King possibly assassinated by a “foreigner.”

“Anybody object to a bed?” Tourist Trap, by Sue Ann Bowling. The travelers have been asked if they mind overnighting at a supply cabin, instead of camping out.

Quotes from Andre Norton

Cover, Horn CrownThese are the quotes tweeted from @sueannbowling over the past week. The first four are from Horn Crown, by Andre Norton; the next two are from The Crystal Gryphon, also by Andre Norton.

“Go in peace, though that is not what you will find, for it does not lie within you.” The dryad speaking to Elron.

“All things must balance in any world.” Gathea, trying to explain the Horn-Crowned One to Elron.

“We must fight fear lest we vanish into nothingness.” Elron, facing dark evil.

“You cannot compress years of learning into a few words here and now.” Gathea is saying that she cannot teach Elron what he needs to know, but it strikes me that our politicians try to do it all the time.

The Crystal Gryphon, Cover“Knowledge is what every man should seek, and knowledge of himself most of all.” Riwal, the Wise Man, speaking to Kerovan when Kerovan seeks him out as a child.

“They are afraid of that which they cannot touch, see, taste, hear or otherwise clearly perceive.” Abbess Malwinna, speaking of her occasional ability to foresee the future.

“Had the near-breakdown of society gone hand in hand with the elimination of pets?” Bowling, “Death of a Dog.” The protagonist is a retired scientist who believed — and published — that dogs helpd humanity evolve.

These are the quotes tweeted during the last week from @sueannbowling. The first six  quotes are from Owlknight, by Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon.

Owlknight cover“Of all the things in the world, I think patience is the hardest.” Darian, recognizing that he must be patient if he is to find out what happened to his parents.

“They may drive me crazy, but they’re my parents.” Keisha’s reasoning as she observes Darian’s obsession with finding his parents.

“It was one thing to take pleasure in the defeat of an enemy, but gloating over it made you no better than he.” Shin’a’in saying, thought of by Darian as he hears of the end of the Blood Bear clan.

“Competition keeps the breed strong.” Tyrsell the dyheli stag, when a problem comes up at Council.

“Anyone who understands bribery can’t be that much of a barbarian.” Val’s comment when Chief Vorden suggests that the “gift” of wedding shawls might be considered a bribe.

“No one wants to look bad in front of the important stranger.” Darian’s thoughts on why the Council matters were resolved so quickly – they are also preparing for the arrival of a herald-mage.

“If you don’t feel confident about trying, I sure don’t.” Bowling, Tourist Trap. Timi, when Roi is reluctant to try to dig memories out of his mind.

Quotation Contexts

The first 6 quotes are from Owlsight, by Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon. These are the quotes that were tweeted from @sueannbowling last week.

“Pain shared is pain halved, as joy shared is joy doubled.” One of the things the Elder Rainlance says as part of the Hawkbrother marriage ceremony.

“You must not pledge yourselves thinking you can change each other.” Rainlance, a little farther along in the marriage ceremony.

“It was easiest to get something done if you didn’t stop to ask permission first.” Keisha’s thought as she is preparing to move out of her parents’ house.

“It isn’t what you call me, it’s what I answer to that counts.” Tayledras proverb, quoted to Darian by Firefrost when he is wondering about the Tayledras habit if taking (or being given) use-names.

“The more stress you’re under, the fewer stresses you notice.” Darian noticing that quarrels have increased in the village, which is under far less stress than the party that first rescued him.

“Bluffs either cost you half or twice.” Shin’a’in saying, quoted by Snowfire when it looks as if they will have to bluff an invading tribe.

“If you see me heading off in the wrong direction, say something. Sue Ann Bowling, Tourist Trap. Roi’s comment to Penny when she objects to his taking over in what he sees as an emergency.

The first five quotes are from Dragonseye, by Anne McCaffrey. This is set roughly 200 years after the end of the first round of Threadfall on Pern.

“Good apples in every basket as well as bad.” Bridgely’s return to M’Shall’s “Not every holder in Bitra’s useless, you know.”

“Our glorious past is past.” This is actually two statements. Sallisha starts protesting the new, more practical curriculum, with “But our Glorious past –” and is topped by Sheledon’s “Is past.

“Failure had appalling consequences. Failure usually did.” The full quotation is “And yet, the scale of Threadfall was awesome and failure had appalling consequences.

“Failure usually did.”

“One had to know the bad to properly appreciate the good.” Iantine has been in Bitra Hold (and nearly died escaping) so Bendan Weyr seems like heaven.

“We’ve got what we’ve got and have to make do.” Clisser, the head of the College (precursor to the Harper Hall.) The whole quote is “ ‘Ours not to wonder what were fair in life,’ ” he quoted to himself, “which is a saying I should get printed out to remind me that we’ve got what we’ve got and have to make do.”

“We must be good at surviving to have lived so long on this planet.” Anne McCaffrey, Moreta. Moreta, as she comes to realize that the plague has probably infected her.

“She had to try.” Sue Ann Bowling, Tourist Trap. Amber, when she realizes that her leg is infected, but she must keep going.

And just as a nod to theme day on the blogathon, I’d choose a different title. Homecoming was the first book I published, but it’s not the only one now.

Quote Contexts

The first six of this week’s quotes are from Owlsight, by Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon. These are the quotes that were tweeted from @sueannbowling last week.

“That was the trouble with arguing with herself – she had to be honest.” Keisha, just after Shandi is Chosen, forced to admit to herself that she really could get Healer training if she were willing to leave her home and go among strangers.

“I’m so bad with people I can’t even win an argument with myself.” Keisha’s reflection on the argument above.

“Even the strangest people have familiar habits.” Darien’s reflection on Hawkbrother gossip.

“Our strength is in our bonds to one another.” This and the following two quotes are part of a Hawkbrother marriage ceremony, when Snowfire and Nightwind are formally married. .

“A joining is a partnership, not two people becoming one.”

“Love is willing to admit it is wrong.”

“They have to be able to work together.” Sue Ann Bowling, Tourist Trap. Lai, conflicted about Roi’s apparent acceptance of Zhaim.

All but the last of the past week’s quotes were from Sorceress of the Witch World, by Andre Norton.

“No bargain benefits but one alone.” Kaththea is so eager to have Utta teach her to get her powers back that she does not think of the possible cost.

“Used for ill, good becomes ill.” Kaththea, rethinking her bargain with Utta.

“The time comes when to the fighters the end justifies the means.” Kaththea’s thought as she begins to understand Zandur.

“Many times is speech weakness, silence strength.” Kaththea, deciding that silence is her best policy in dealing with Zandur.

“It is a hard thing to see one’s world swept away and lost.”  Jaelith, speaking of Hilarion.

“There are many ifs and buts to be faced in every lifetime.”  Jaelith to Kaththea. The quotation continues, “and we can choose only what seems best at the time the choice is made.”

“You’d be cheating them by taking more than your share of the work.” Penny to Roi, when he offers to do some of the camp work by using his esper abilities. Tourist Trap, by Sue Ann Bowling

(These are the quotes posted on Twitter @sueannbowling over the past week.)

The first six of this week’s quotations are from Owlflight, by Mercedes Lackey.

“To treat a person like a carpet, it is necessary that one do the walking, and the other allows himself to be walked on.” Shin’a’in saying, here applied to the wizard Justyn, who allowed himself to be walked on.

“Do you fault a man for no longer chopping wood when he has lost a hand?” Snowfire is pointing out to Darien that Justyn was not to be blamed if the Storms reduced his ability to do magic.

“The value lies in the accomplishment, not how it was done” Part of the same conversation.

“Don’t be ashamed for allowing yourself to feel.” Snowfire is trying to soothe Darian after he has broken down and cried. The quotation continues, “You should rather feel sorry for those who do not.”

“Subtlety requires time and concentration, rather than power.” Starfall is trying to defeat the enemy mage without being discovered.

“If the people have survived, then the village has.” Snowfire to Darien, pointing out that people are more important than houses.

“I’ve got to try.” Sue Ann Bowling, Tourist Trap. Roi, faced with a Healing he may not succeed in.

All of these quotes were Tweeted from @sueannbowling.

The first six quotations are from Three against the Witch World, by Andre Norton.

“If one is content to use a tool, then one shall never know what one can do without it.” Kaththea, arguing that her lack of a witch jewel may not me as much of a handicap as generally thought. 64

“Can you turn your back on all this merely because it suffers from some disease?” Kaththea, arguing that Escore is worth fighting for.

“Not always are light and dark so opposed, one to the other.”  Kaththea, as she prepares to work a magic that is best carried out at sunset. 96

“In due time I would pay for what I had done.” Kyllan, knowing he has weakened his gift by using it to lure a prong-horn to its death that he and his siblings might eat. He pays sooner that he thinks, as he is enthralled by the Keplian early the next morning.

“I cannot hide all thoughts.” Kyllan, about to leave the Lady Dahaun on a mission. He is in love with her and she with him, and they both know it though no explicit word has been spoken.

“They merely supply the impulse, you the actors for carrying it out.” Kemoc to Kyllan as they face the hallucinations of the witches in their rescue of Kaththea.

“There are times when I slap myself on the head and wonder how I could have been so stupid.” Sue Ann  Bowling, Jarn’s Journal. Jarn suddenly realizes that he has the supplies to build a defense against predators.

Late breaking news (9 am): Tourist Trap not only took first place in science fiction in the Reader Views literary awards, it received the Garcia Award for the best fiction book of the year! I’m in shock!

The first six quotes this week were again from Storm Breaking by Mercedes Lackey.

“It walls you in as well as other people out.” Darkwing is trying to explain to Tremayne about the barrier around Iftel, and how it has affected the people within it.

“I would rather have a bloodless victory than any other kind.” Tremayne, on realizing that the gryphons will probably fight by dropping object through thatched roofs.

“No one has ever dared to claim…that the cause of warfare was rational.” Firesong to Karral, discussing how Karal feels about Vanyel. Firesong is thinking about adding Vanyel’s ghost to their company. The complete quote included prejudice as well as warfare, and the whole thing refers to the fact that Vanyel was considered a demon in Karse, due to his being the premier fighter on the Valdemar side in a war centuries earlier.

“No side is always in the right.” Firesong approving Karal’s answer to his question about Vanyel.

“The sword is saying that we need an edge. How appropriate.” Firesong is being a bit sarcastic about Need’s advice, Need being a talking sword.

“Gossip and rumor, opiates of the dull, can for the clever be the stuff that dreams are made of.” Melles has been talking with his tame poet and propagandist, and the poet makes this remark.

“Some of the mammals here think they are going to eat me!” Sue Ann Bowling, Jarn’s Journal. Jarn is just beginning to explore his site of stranding, in Pleistocene Africa.