I’m not really writing a post today, just showing you some more ice art. This was 2nd place in the abstract category.

Ice art

“Visitor of the Sun.” Tian Zuo Wei and Lin Zai Zhang, China.

2nd Place in the realistic category went to this one.

Ice Sculpture

“Lion King.” Artists Victor Dagatan (Phillipines) and James Duggan (USA)

Also, I managed a photo of the 1st place “Locust” on a clear day.

Ice Art

“Locust.” Artists Junichi Nakamura (Japan) and Shintaro Okamoto (USA)

The multi-block carvers started their work  9 am March 3 and can work through 9 pm March 8, but I am including some thumbnails of the earliest stages of their work. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

Mulltiblock 3:4 1 Multiblock 3:4 2Multiblock 3:4 3