These are the participants in the 2012 Blogathon, copied from the WordCount site. Copied with permission, but don’t use it for promotional purposes. Thanks to Jan Udlock, who did the compilation.


Abra ColeThe Magical Miss, The pursuit of photography and pie.

Akanksha Garg Smiling Mystic Cloud, A mirror that reflects the experiences of life.

Alana Mautone – Ramblin’ With AM, Living in upstate New York.

Aleksandra Milcic Radovanovic Linguist Blog, Writing about translation and applied linguistics.

Alison Preston BaldygaLady Moxie, On a constant search for wellness.

Amanda SteinhausMs. Panda’s Blog, Poetry, children’s stories, playwriting and more.

AndriaFind me Frugal(er) , Helping people cut costs and save money without taking it all too seriously.

Angela Aboulnaja DMV Art, A comprehensive view into the art scene in DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Anna MurphyMurphy Baby, Wife and mama to baby Ronan. Recorded words because I never want to forget what this feels like.

AnnabelleShopping Detox, Where retro style meets personal finance.

Anne Noble – Mac’s Musings, My hopefully intelligent and coherent ramblings.

Anne Wainscott-SargentThe Writing Well, Celebrating excellence in writing and storytelling.

Annette Gendler – Memoir, Writing & Life, Writing, teaching and publishing memoir and creative nonfiction.

Annie Logue Ann Logue, Financial and current events, from author of four Dummies books on investing.

Anyes Far Away in the Sunshine, Stories of a woman pursuing her creative dreams.

ArielNuestro Contrapunto, A husband and wife writing about theology, literature, culture, actuality and more.

Aron MturiAron Creativity, International celebrity news, current affairs, music and articles, especially from East Africa.

Aundra WeissertChestertown Fit for Life, Adventures in homesteading and personal fitness.

Ayesha UsmanMommy First, Juggling a professional career and motherhood.


Barb Freda – Babette Feasts, Feast with me.

Barbara McDowell WhittA 1960s High School Diary, The diary of a college freshman in 1962.

BethChasing My Joy, My journey to becoming an Ironman.

Beth ZareBeth Zare, Personal thoughts about life.

Bill LascherLascher at Large, The true story of a young foreign war correspondent’s adventures.

Billie NoakesThe Billie Gram, Observations about life from a freelance writer and storyteller with a slightly bent sense of humor.

Brian MannBrian P. Mann, Rants, raves…that’s about it.


Cariann McCreadyUnionvale Mom’s Spot, Rural life with family, food, crafts and books.

CarolinaSew Carolina Knits, Running, quilting and knitting.

Carrie SchmeckBizzi Writer, Business copywriting that makes a difference.

Cathleen McCarthySave on Cities, Travel, entertainment and family fun along the Northeast Corridor: Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC.

Cathy CanaceliPeriwinkle Confessions, It’s fun to be a godly girl.

Cathy MortonCathy’s Voice Now, Mother, grandmother and alcoholic/addict in long term recovery.

Caylie PriceBetter Business Better Life, Blast your business to success, live the life you want!

Cheryl Wright – Cheryl Wright, Life, writing, interior design and more.

Chris LoweBlue Oregon, Contributing blogger at Oregon Progressive.

Christianne CookA Day in my Mind

Christina Lazy Bones Running, Ramblings from an obsessed runner.

Christine Calvin – Inspired Life, Whatever strikes my fancy.

Christine Heinrichs Poultry Bookstore, Information on heritage breed poultry.

Claudia NeelySocial Skills Success, Teaching parents of special needs teens, pre-teens and young adults how to mainstream their kids into successful peer groups and more.

Cody RayThe Home of Challenge Pissing, Movies, music and whatever else I think is cool.

Connie OngUnbirthday Escapades, A look at memories past and present.

Cristina SantiestevanOutlaw Garden, Breaking the rules by growing vegetables even when HOA says no.

Cynthia PelcherCynthia Banessa, Sharing gardening, crafts and dishes.


DaisyCompost Happens, Taking care of family, garden and coffee.

Dania BianchiThe Health Nut, Health reports and news for the average mom; and Dania Bianchi, Content marketing for small businesses.

DaniellePorridge Report, Digital doses for the modern family as seen by a distracted mother and writer.

DaphneMy Distant Husband, We are together; yet, living apart.

Darlene Peltz Everything Relationships, Exploring ways to improve how we talk, treat and deal with each other.

Darling SookieDarling Sookie, Fictional telepathic barmaid who tweets too much and enjoys being a role player.

David AllenMac 20Q, Mac technology blog.

Dayle Fraschilla – I Shall Be a Toad, Everything that means anything to me.

Debbie KaplanFrisco Kids, Your guide to kid-friendly events and trips around the San Francisco Bay area.

Discorunner – Discorunner, Running, biking, swimming, and blogging in the nation’s capital.

Don GonzalezJoe Catholic, Where men can get to know, share and defend their Catholic faith.

Doña Bumgarner Aubergine, Musings of a midlife mama.

Dylan FogleEast Nashville Jugglers Club, Experience juggling.


Ed BoraskyBorasky Research, Computational and data journalism.

Ejila MakanguEjimak, French-English translator

Elise VenturaSkipping Stones, Current events, atheism, pop culture and more.

Elizabeth King HumphreyThe Write Elizabeth, A round-up of reading, writing, editing and parenting.

Elyse Grau My Garden to Table, Growing what you eat, eating what you grow.

Emily TaylorSoutherners in So Cal, A Southern girl in surfer country.

Estelle Sobel Erasmus – Musings On Motherhood, Midlife and Other Forms of Madness, My transformative journey through motherhood.

Eva SchweberTech Whisperer, Helping you select, use and integrate your gadgets.


Gabryyl PierceGabryyl Pierce, Writer of words, purveyor of awesome.

Glenneth Redd – Let’s Talk and Walk, Getting healthy through walking, better eating and having fun.

Gloria MarieGloria Marie, Inspiration for creatives and other people who desire to live an incredible life.

Gypsy RoseBlogging w/Gypsy @ Gypsy’s Treasures, A blogging and WordPress designing mom.


Harry Marks – Curious Rat, A technology blog combatting stupidity from wherever it comes.

Heather CraikShades of a Dream, Writing, marketing and design in business.

Heather WilliamsThis Blog Will Give You Cancer, “I love talking about nothing. It is the only thing I know anything about.” – Oscar Wilde.

Hillah CulmanThe One Ingredient, Cooking with one main ingredient.

Holan KerrickGadget Girl Tips, Tips, tricks and humorous stories about technology for the everyday person.

Holly Swanson State College Mom, Being a mom, Penn State, and whatever else I deem blog-worthy.


J. Audrey MillerApostrophe Now, Romance and writing: a perfect match.

J9 – J9 Style, Channel Your Inner Fabulous.

Jackie Dishner – Bike with Jackie, Your guide to inspiration, encouragement, quirky stories, laughs and life-changing adventures.

Jackson ZeinerWord Waves, A blog about literature in its various forms and how it’s changing.

Jan Roberts CulpepperSimply Jan, A simple look at a not-so-simple life.

Jan Udlock – Imperfect Mom, Professional writer, parenting expert, mom of five.

Jane Boursaw – Reel Life with Jane, Syndicated family movie and TV reviews.

Jane Neff RollinsKitchen Sink Genealogy, Family history of all 4 branches of my family.

Javier CabralThe Glutster, Food, angst, punk rock and a really fast metabolism.

Jeannette Vancio – Charity Heart, Encouragement for lovers and dreamers.

Jenn Wordzopolis, Financial services marketing.

Jenn Maxwell – Jenn Maxwell, Writer, designer, dreamer.

Jenni Derryberry Mann – Mamahhh, Navigating the labyrinth of motherhood one breath at a time.

Jennie PhippsDetroit on the Cheap, Living well is the best revenge.

Jennifer EckertPregnant at Forty, Pregnant for the first time at 40.

Jennifer FinkBlogging About Boys, All about boys.

Jennifer Patrick Still Living the Dream, Raising two young kids in my 40s.

Jennifer Walker – My Morning Chocolate, Delicious inspiration for people who wake up thinking about food.

Jennifer Willis – Jennifer Willis, Journalist, writer, author, and essayist.

JessicaPink Rose, Gen-Y writer who loves to garden, craft and write.

Jessica Quinn – Northern Front, The sweet life in Northern BC.

Joan Lambert Bailey – Popcorn Homestead, Exploring Japan one vegetable at a time.

Joanna YuenSlow-poke Posts, Fiction writing.

Joe WilcoxQueer Joe, Adventures in finding my passion…knitting.

Jodi Rosenberg100 Smile Challenge, Simple ideas to help you find more smiles in your life.

Jodi TorpeyWrite Better Faster, Changing the way you think about your business writing – one reader at a time.

Joel WhitakerCatholic Faith and Fitness, Helping Catholics become spiritual, financially and physically fit.

Joelle PittmanMEM to LAX, Southern girl bouncing between Memphis and Los Angeles.

Jon BeckAnd a Little Wine, Book lover, baseball fanatic, life enthusiast.

Jon Bell – On Mount Hood, All things Mount Hood.

Jovette GadsonHoney Suga Sweet, Creative expressions from the soul.

Juan Luis CornejoCornejo Sports, Soccer and more.

Judy Downing Flights of Fantasy, Thoughts about becoming a better writer, with an emphasis on fantasy and science fiction; and Writer in Charge, Exploring today’s publishing choices.

Julia Biggs – Aunty JuJu’s Perspective, My thoughts for now.

Julie FarrarTraveling Through, Traveling through the second half of my life.


Karen C. – The Vegetable Garden, Simply organically.

Kat Hasenauer Sports Girl Kat, Balancing life as sportswriter and educational administrator.

Kate Megill – Teaching what is Good, Teaching younger women according to the Titus 2 model.

Kate ReillyPolkadot Suitcase, Finding fun through creative living.

Kathryn Kathryn’s Cards, Making cards for Operation Write Home.

Kathryn Lance KL and Her Books, Writing and related matters, from a long-time fiction and nonfiction writer and editor.

Katie MorellKatie Morell , Full-time freelance writer specializing in business, travel and human interest topics.

Katie Jett WallsWoah Baby, The weird and wonderful of expecting and becoming parents.

Katrina HutchessonKat’s Place – My Life, My life and our family.

Katy Manck – Books YA Love, Recommending young adult books beyond the bestsellers.

Kellyn Christison Journalism 111, A blog for my multimedia journalism class.

Kirsten Doyle Running for Autism, Runner, writer and special needs mom trying to make sense of life.

Kirsten OgePuppy Paws and Dirty Noses, First time mom and housewife.

Kyle YasumiishiKyle Yasumiishi, Student journalist blogging about the future of journalism.


LauraWord Grrls, Creative writing inspiration.

LauraNot Just 9 to 5, Changing focus while I work into a freelance writing career.

Laura FingerBoat Jumpers, Keeping entrepreneurs in their right minds.

Laura Orsini – Marcie Brock, Book Marketing Maven, Marketing advice for self-publishing authors.

Laura TokieIn My Little Town, All about family on the fly.

Leah IngramSuddenly Frugal, How to live more on less money; and Philly on the Cheap, Deals, discounts and living on the cheap in the Philadelphia area.

Lenore Skomal – Gut Check: Making simple sense out of life, Daily blogger for Erie Times-News.

LeslieThe Chic Adventurer, Beauty and chicness can exist anywhere.

Liberty Montano Liberty’s Yarn, Helping make stuff free of crap and drama.

LindsayWith a Little Love and Luck, Fight stigma and kick postpartum depression’s butt.

Lisa Carter – Intralingo, The art and business of literary translation.

Lisa Jaffe Hubbell – Land Guppy, Writing about good food, good books, and good times.

Lise CapitanLise Capitan, A translator talks about work, language and translation.

Liz Sheffield – Motherlogue, A mother talks about mothering, writing and life.


Mammy MohamedT-Mark, News and fashion.

Margarita TartakovskyMargarita Tartakovsky, Language, life and fashionable pursuits.

Margin FadesMargin Fades The joy of movement.

Maria GajewskiChanging River Consultants, Helping you help others.

Mariann L. Dyson4 Writer Mom, Penning a novel while single-handedly raising four children.

Marianne KutatD is for Dovey, Quilt-making, reading, gardening and life in west central Florida.

Marie-LouiseMuse Translation, Musings from a freelance French to English translator.

Marijke Vroomen DurningMed Health Writer, Health news from a nurse turned writer.

Mark ConnollySpiritual Advocate, You know, like the Paraclete.

Mark WahltonSave the Jumble, Meandering through the ADD-addled mind.

Marvin KirklandImpermanent Insanity Writes, Writing and mental illness.

Mary LebeauRaising Waltons, Passing down old-fashion values in a 21st century world.

MasaHearting Handmade, DIY, eco-friendly, vintage, creativity and giveaways.

Matthew J. PerrySharing the Pants A husband and wife blog about women winning bread, men making homes, both raising kids and coping with cultural shifts.

Megan WollenbergArmy Wife Writes, The ups and downs of PCS-ing to Italy.

Melinda CoppLife List, Nature and nature writing.

Melinda McGuireMelinda McGuire Writes, Writing with a Southern Slant.

Melissa Luznicky GarrettSomeday When I’m Famous, Author of adult and young adult novels.

Melissa Lindberg – Get Creative with the Good Idea Girl, Parenting, party planning and holiday celebrations.

Melissa Miller YoungZen Life Solutions, Providing positive and healthy information and Word Miller, Making your marketing efforts and message shine.

Mena Grazie – Preternatural Post, News and information for role players, fictional characters and legendary creatures.

Michal KarniLights Along the Way, Writing practice from Jewish sources.

MichelleTeam Tori, Six-year-old rock star fighting neurofibromatosis.

Michelle MahoneyIntuitive Tarot, Learn the cards today.

Michelle Rafter – Word Count: Freelancing in the digital age, News, tips and advice for self-employed writers.

Mikaela D’Eigh – La Belle Dame de Merci, Reflections on art of all mediums.

Mimi Wife, Writer, Mom, All Blessings, Writer and parent to 5 special needs children.

Mridu Khullar Relph Mridu Khullar Relph


Nancy Kopp Writer Grannys World, My tips and encouragement for writers.

NatalieFluent Historian, Languages, history and Russia.

Nicky LaMarcoFreelance Writing 4 Beginners, Freelance writing for beginners.

NoelleSustainably Happy, Happiness: one day at a time.


PaolaResearch and Kitchen, A concoction of ethnographic and food studies.

Patricia Ann C PerkowskiSpiritual Lives of Women, Nurturing moms, nurturing the future.

Patrick McGrawPFM Reports, Mostly true stories from home and on the road.

Patti GoldensonSometimes Sideways, A place to talk about feeling sideways, cry about it, laugh about it and let it go.

Patty CoreDaily Nutrition Plus, Proactive health and wellness information.

Peggy Crippen – Military Move HQ, Information for military families changing duty stations.

Peggy NoonanAlt Med for You, Alternative medicine news and how-to information.

Pia SavageCourting Destiny, A blog about everything and nothing.


Rachel WardA Discount Ticket To Everywhere, What I’m reading, re-reading, reading to my children and translating.

RashidaBooks, Bass and Beauty, Dedicated to educating, entertaining, and empowering today’s Black woman.

Rebecca KoffmanWalking Portland, Walking in Portland and beyond.

Reeti RoyThe Magic Ink Stand, All things quirky, personal and confessional.

Rhonda Booker Mygr8reads, Books I like to read, and my writing practice.

RobinA Word, A Bird, New blogger.

Ron DereJust There, Crisscross of neurons in ASCII.

Ron S. Doyle – BlogSaladBlog, A shameful, fallow shadow of its once former glory.

Ronda Levine Not Quite Ally McBeal, Just another girl with a theme song.

Rose Medlock –  SGV East Food Swap, Create community by exchanging homemade and homegrown goods.

Rossandra WhiteRossandra White, A former bushbaby’s take on writing and appreciating life.

Ruth TerryRuth Writes, Changing the world…one word at a time.


Samuel SlateIrrational Handbook, Humor, gaming, speculation and fiction.

Sandra HumeLittle House Travel, Everything Little House fans and their families should know about traveling to places Laura Ingalls Wilder called home.

Sara Carbaugh Your Creative Ally, Online marketing tips, tutorials, and motivational posts.

Sara Lancaster No 2 Pen, Showcasing examples of sharp website content.

Sarah Animals Help Heal, Different ways animals can be used in healing.

Sarah E. Ludwig – Parenting by Trial and Error, The learning curve in raising kids.

Sarah MoonClear Eyes, Full Shelves, Multi-genre blog for readers.

Sarah MorganSarah Morgan, Jumping puddles in the rain.

Sharon C. JenkinsThe Authorpreneurship Project, Equipping authors to better handle the business side of writing.

Sheela Kangal Skangal Works, Just another playwright climbing social media.

Sheila CallahanSheila Callahan, What’s on my mind.

Silja HurskainenSilja Hurskainen, A Finnish freelance writer and blogger living in Estonia.

Sita Henderson –  Sita’s Sanctum , A journey of faith filtered through the Word of God.

Sona CharaipotraSona Charaipotra, Writing and balancing first-time parenthood.

Sonal GargSonal Garg, Creating something every day.

Stephanie Smith – Information Central:  Gardening Questions Answered, Your vegetable questions answered.

Stephanie VozzaFive Minute Mom’s Club, Simplify, simplify, simplify. Then organize.

Sue Ann BowlingThe Homecoming Blog  Official blog for the book, Homecoming.

Sun Hee YoonFiery Memoir, Daily struggles in motherhood, and the ups and downs of being a housewife.

Susie KleinRecovering Church Lady, Pleasing God is simply not as hard as you think.

SuzanneThe Tales of Missus P, Little adventures of me.


T.A. Barnhartt.a. barnhart , A progressive voice from the Pacific Northwest.

Taasmom Mommy Dearest, A mommy’s moments.

Tammy EllingsonMama Can Dance, A dancing mama who still grooves to her own beat.

Tara L. DavesOccupation, Shmoccupation, Adventures in the world of unemployment.

Tara PhillipsTwo Hands and a Road Map, Making poor blogging choices since 2010.

Tatyanna WilkinsonSmart Girl, Wise Woman, Blog, forum and workshops for young women 18 to 24.

Tere Scott – Teachable Scotts Tots Homeschool, Parenting and homeschooling; and Elephant Ears Learning, Homeschooling resources and tips.

Tia BachDepression Cookies, A mother and daughter’s journey in writing, and much more.

Tina Armstrong-OgbonnaTeena News, My opinions on news and events.

TJ WhelanMoonlight and Shadows, Musings of a Texas moonbaby.

Tracey Arial Arial View, Exploring the world through words.

Tracey V. – Never Switching to Decaf, Ramblings about life, family, cooking and photography.

Traci A Purple Paintbrush, Making and sharing art.


Valerie LakeyBlue Skies, Seeing life in a positive light.

Van Waffle Speed River Journal, An urban naturalist’s progress.

Vanessa Geneva Ahern – Hudson Valley Good Stuff, Where to eat, play and re-charge your spirit in the Hudson Valley.

Veronica ArmstrongVeronica Armstrong, Eye candy, inspiration, kids, life and happiness.

Veronica Del Bianco – The Eco Niche, Exploring New Orleans’ ecological and economic green scene.

Victoria Musgrave Victoria Musgrave Communications, A communications consultant working with health care organizations and entrepreneurs.

Vivian TranStem Favorites, Not all those who linger are lost.


Walter L. Johnson II – Communications Careers Corner, Your guide to advice on careers in communications and media.

Yael – Yael Writes, Making conscious and healthy living accessible.

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