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I’m still posting from War’s End, and we’re in Coralie’s POV. She’s been forced to stand by while the other castaways improvise a tent against a rapidly approaching rainstorm, since her infant daughter was demanding to be fed – again.

WR 136, HubbleFumbled by her standards, she corrected herself, but the crude shelter at least kept them dry as the rain began in earnest. “Is this weather likely to be normal?” she finally asked.

Audi paused in her halting conversation with the Maung to study the information in the reader. “If we’re near the equator, yes,” she replied. “There’s an intertropical convergence zone, and it doesn’t move too much with the seasons because Rakal has less tilt than average. My guess is we’re in it, and we’ll get daily thunderstorms.” She had to raise her voice to be heard above the drumming on the sheet just over their heads.

Well, they have shelter from the rain, at least, if not from the heat.

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