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Greetings, peeps. I’m scheduling this before my first session of chemo (July 12) so I don’t know how I’ll be feeling as you read this. [update the morning of the 14th–first chemo went fine aside from blood sugar–they insisted on giving me steroids, so BS has been erratic to put it mildly!] It’s entirely possible I won’t be up to much commenting, even if I’m up to visiting. For those of you healthy enough to make the rounds, clicking on the logo above will take you to the other fine authors of Weekend Writing Warriors and their eight-sentence snippets. Clicking on the logo below will take you to the facebook page of SnipSunday.

Coralie’s group have done all they can with heavy rain and nightfall approaching, and Coralie has suggested that in the morning she sends out her dog Bounce, whose senses she is to some extent able to share.

Veil, Hubble“Then if Bounce finds a better spot, she can take you to it. But she’s pretty tired right now, and it seems to me that it’s getting darker than the storm can account for. Tomorrow?”

“Definitely wait ’til tomorrow,” Kelty agreed. “Meanwhile we’ve got at least enough emergency bars for a few days here. Might as well eat and pass out the blankets. It might cool down at night.”

Wishful thinking, Coralie thought—but she wished right along with him.

End of the chapter, and end of what I’m going to blog from War’s End, at least until I get it edited. I’m going to start putting in bits from my published books, interspersed with bits from Rescue Operation as I get it edited.

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Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday. To find inks to other participants in WWW click the logo above; for Snippet Sunday click the one below.

This finishes the 2013 blogathon, and I certainly hope I never wind up doing another from a hospital bed! I’m reasonably perky right now aside from water retention, but I’ll be starting chemo in a couple of weeks so no promises about visiting once that starts! First priority is going to go to editing Rescue Operation.

I’m choosing sentences from near the end of the chapter I’m blogging from War’s End, continuing on from last week. Next week will be Horse Power again, as it will be free again next weekend; then a final snippet from War’s end. After that? I think I’ll go back and pull bits from my published works. For right now, Coralie is speaking.

NGC2818, Hubble“And what Kelty said about Michelle trying to take us to a ‘safe’ place—that feels right, too.”

“What about having the dog and Kelty scout for a better spot for a permanent camp tomorrow?”

“Can the dog warn me of vegetation it isn’t safe to touch?” asked Kelty. “I’m not a wilderness explorer type! The best at that would probably be Coralie, but she obviously can’t right now.”

Coralie looked over at Bounce, who was sprawled on her side sound asleep, and then out at the rain and the dense vegetation, barely visible in the light of the fire they had built. “It might work better if I sent her out by herself first, with the order to look for a safe place. I can see through her eyes a little, so I’ll have some idea of what she finds.”


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Sunday again, and time for another snippet from War’s End. Audi has been discussing with the group the idea that they may be able to figure where on the planet they are. As usual, you can get to the list of authors on Weekend Writing Warriors by clicking on the logo above, and to the Sunday Snippets facebook page by clicking on the logo below.

Helix nebula, Hubble[Audi] glanced out into the rain and darkness. “But all that will do is locate us approximately on a map.” She went back to inventorying their scanty supply of diapers.

“I’d better have one of those diapers,” Madame Irela said. “No, I know how to change a baby, Coralie!”

Ginger was going though her medical kit, her expression thoughtful. “Coralie, do you think that dog of yours really knew something was dangerous about going on the courier?”

“Yes, I told you that.”

In context, Bounce had to be physically trapped to get her onto the courier in the first place – and her breed is noted for their esper abilities.

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Welcome back for another snippet from War’s End. The big question for all of them (aside from how to stay alive and get home) has been how they got from the ship (which was getting decidedly unfriendly) to the surface of Rakal.  Now they may have that answer, though the problem of survival is still there.

Hodge 301 cluster, Hubble“Lyra said if she were frightened enough she might teleport to me. But ….”

“Colo was still after her!” Audi exclaimed. “She went farther to get away from him, and since she wouldn’t leave you, and we were all in physical contact, she brought all of us along. No wonder she’s hungry!”

“Poor baby,” Ginger said as she rummaged in her kit. “Nothing wrong with you, Coralie—no Human mammary system could keep up with the energy demands of a R’il’noid baby who’s just teleported that much mass. No wonder she couldn’t quite manage the energy and momentum matching.”

For more snippets, click on the logo at the top of the page to get to the list for Weekend Writing Warriors, and that at the bottom of the page for the facebook page for Snip Sunday.

I’ll be slow getting around today (most will be next week, if at all) because I’m taking off in a plane about the time this goes live at midnight. (The only way to get connections out of Alaska is via the red-eye.) If I make my connections, I’ll get to upstate New York (Ithaca) well into the afternoon and I am not going to arrive in any condition to be surfing the internet and leaving coherent comments.

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New Red Spot, HubbleWelcome to another snippet from War’s End. Coralie has just realized she has no more milk for Michelle, who’s been nursing almost continuously. Kelty and Ginger seem to have figured it out, and Ginger is speaking first.

“Coralie, it’s not you, and I have some milk substitute in my kit. Remember what happened the last thing on the ship? Just before we wound up here?”

“That man — he grabbed Michelle from me. She was afraid of him, and — but he was moving away from me! And Michelle was back in my arms! I thought — but he can’t have given her back to me.” Her eyes widened as she remembered the conversation with Elyra.

The conversation was before they were even on the ship, but you’ll have to wait until next week to find out what Elyra said.

For more snippets, click the logo at the top for Weekend Writing Warriors, or the one at the bottom for Snip Sunday.

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It’s Sunday, and snippet time. Click on the logo above to find other participating authors, or on the logo below to get to the facebook page with similar information.

Hubble NgC 5307I’m still posting the same scene from War’s End, a WIP. The group has been stranded, how they do not know, on a very hot, wet, jungle planet. They have rigged a shelter and are waiting to see if the rain stops, though by now it is evening. Coralie has been suggesting that they will need a latrine trench, and trying to stop her daughter Michelle’s fussing. She has just asked if there is something wrong with Michelle or with her, and she continues to speak. If you want background, the index (above) has all of the Sunday snippets.

“She feels like she’s starving, and aside from a couple of naps she’s been nursing since we got here. And I thought she was getting plenty, until a few minutes ago. I’ve run dry!”

That’s how we got here,” Kelty laughed abruptly. “She’s her father’s daughter, all right.”

The others looked bewildered for a moment, and then Ginger began to giggle.

Obviously Ginger and Kelty have suddenly figured something out, but what?

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It’s Sunday again, and time for Weekend Writing Warriors, a blog hop where a number of authors post up to eight sentences from their writing, published or unpublished. Click on the logo above to get to the list of authors. The one at the bottom gives the facebook page for snippet Sunday, with more authors.

Hubble NGC 6302My snippet this week is again from War’s End, the story I’ve been giving excerpts from for some time. A group of five adult Humans, a month-old baby and an alien have suddenly found themselves on an alien, hot, unfamiliar jungle planet. Coralie has just asked Audi for clarification of why she referred to the Maung as “she” and “Red,” and Audi is answering.

“It’s a lot more than just ‘Red,’ of course, but we needed a short, easy-to-remember nickname. As for the ‘she,’ I didn’t ask specifically, but the first thing she asked was whether we knew anything about where her children were. If Michelle needs them, I did find the diapers.”

Coralie glanced down at her fussing daughter, and shifted her to the other breast. “Latrine trench,” she said firmly. “Somebody make a note of that. Ginger, is Michelle all right? Am I all right?”

And why is she asking that?

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It’s Sunday again, and time for Weekend Writing Warriors, a blog hop where a number of authors post up to eight sentences from their writing, published or unpublished. Click on the logo above to get to the list of authors. The one at the bottom gives the facebook page for snippet Sunday, with more authors.

Hubble HH34My snippet this week is again from War’s End, the story I’ve been giving excerpts from for some time. A group of five adult Humans, a baby and an alien have suddenly found themselves on an alien, hot, unfamiliar jungle planet. Coralie (the baby’s mother) has suddenly been told she is in charge.

They were looking to her for leadership? But her lessons in wilderness survival were deep-rooted, even if they applied to a different wilderness. “Inventory,” she replied after only a moment’s hesitation. “We need to know everything we have, no matter how useless it seems. Uh—‘Red?’ ‘She?’”

Audi grinned and tapped out something on the reader. The Maung responded by changing color to a tapestry of reds, threaded with gold and black. “That’s her name,” Audi said.

I’m on the A to Z Challenge this month, introducing some of the characters from my books. Drop in for an introduction. The baby’s father, Roi, was introduced yesterday, and her grandmother will be talking tomorrow.

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NGC 6751 (Hubble)Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, a blog ring of authors posting snippets from their work. To get the list of participants with links to their blogs, click on the logo above. This post is also listed on the Snippet Sunday Facebook list, available via a click on the logo at the bottom of this post. I was going to put it on Skye Warren’s Write Club, heance only six sentences, but I can’t find the list for April 7.

 I’m still posting from War’s End, and Kelty has just remarked that Coralie obviously knows the most about wilderness survival, while Ginger is a doctor and Audi knows the most about Maungs. He continues:

“Neither astrogation nor piloting’s likely to help us here, so I’m grunt labor. Any specialist knowledge I’m missing?”

“Red’s a spice trader,” Audi said. “She says she might be of some use lifting things—this is low gravity for her—but she doesn’t know anything about surviving on the planet except how to recognize some of the botanicals, and she’s not feeling very well. She’s been a prisoner for some time. Madame Irela?”

At least they’re cooperating with each other! But what can a diplomat do?

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I’m still posting from War’s End. The castaways have managed a shelter of sorts, but it is now pouring rain. Coralie is trying to figure out what they can expect in the way of weather, and Audi has just told her that they can probably expect a lot of rain.

Star-forming region, Hubble“Time of day?” Coralie prompted, but Audi just looked at her. “Back home,” she clarified, “we’d have summer thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening, but they’d clear up by morning. Roi said that was because thunderstorms need the sun to heat the ground. Is it the same way here? If it stops raining by morning, I think we ought to try to construct a better shelter. Madame Irela, could you take care of Michelle for a bit so I can work?”

Kelty nodded. “You probably know more about wilderness living than the rest of us together, even though this isn’t quite the same wilderness you’re used to. Audi’s our Maung specialist, and Ginger’s a doctor.”

An inventory of knowledge is indeed as important as an inventory of supplies. What other knowledge do they have? And is it enough?

This post is part of the Weekend Writing Warriors blog circle, a group of authors who post no more than 8 sentences of their work each Sunday. To find other snippets, click on the logo above. There is also a facebook listing, and to get to the facebook page click on the logo below.

One bit of news: I’m participating for the first time in the A to Z Challenge. This will mean double posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, as I plan to keep up with local weather, quotation contexts and Jarn’s Journal, My regular posts go live at 8 am local time; the A to Z posts will be earlier, just after midnight, as is the Weekend Writing Warrior post. On double post days I’ll set up a small logo with a link to the A to Z post on the 8 am post. The theme? I’ll be introducing characters and world building from my published novels, many of whom will also appear in the trilogies I’ve been posting from. For the most part I plan to let my characters do the talking, and you’re all invited to droop by and meet them.

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