Starburst Cluster, HubbleWe only have about a month of Six Sentence Sunday left. If I can find another Sunday sharing group, I may join, but for right now I’m planning to continue posting bits of my fiction on Sundays, though it may be a little more than six sentences. I’ll follow some of my favorite Sixers, and I hope some of those who like what I’ve posted will follow my blog.

For today’s six, Audi has just said that being in the unsettled tropics of Rakal is good and bad both. She is still speaking.

“Good in that we shouldn’t run into any Maung-possessed.  Bad in that we’re totally on our own.  Kelty, did you get out any call for help at all?  Enough that word would get to Roi that there’s a ship in distress in the Rakal system?  He could find us if he’s in the system.”

Kelty, now dressed, shrugged.

That’s it for today. This is far from the only writing sample available today. Check out the Six Sentence Sunday website for other authors who are sharing a bit of their work today—and we all love comments.Six Sentence Sunday logo