New Years’ Eve, and the sun will rise at 10:55 this morning and set at 2:52 this afternoon for not quite 4 hours with the sun above the horizon. We’re gaining about 3 minutes a day now, and it’ll be up to 4 minutes a day by next week.

It’s warmed up quite a lot, though we haven’t had any further snow. Lows are generally about 0°F or higher; highs are still well below freezing but feel positively balmy after the 40 below we had. The air pollution, though, is still quite bad — very unhealthy is the official level.

It’s still beautiful, all pink and blue. I’ll put up a really old photo later in the week, but the ones with today’s post were taken about an hour after solar noon last Thursday.

sunset, Alaska

An hour after solar noon, and less than an hour til sunset. Dec. 27.

Alaska Skies

Even the smokestacks look pretty.