Horsehead Nebula, HubbleHere’s another fragment from War’s End, immediately following last week’s. The index, above, has links to all of my Six Sentence Sunday Posts if you want to have a look at what’s already happened.

Audi has just  joined the group, and wants to check what is in Ginger’s reader about the planet they are stranded on.

“Let me check what’s there on Rakal,” Audi said, and Ginger handed her the reader.  Coralie and Madame Irela moved close beside Audi, anxious to know as much as possible about their plight.  Audi checked a number of entries and maps, then sighed and said, “Thought so.”

“Thought what?” Coralie demanded.

“The tropics were never settled–just collecting stations for the botanicals that were Rakal’s main exports.  That’s good and bad both.”

Good and bad how?

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