All of the past week’s quotes but the last are from The Rowan, by Anne McCaffrey.

“Especially guard the guardian” Part of Yegarani’s prediction about the Rowan, which Lusena interprets as guarding the Rowan from the excesses of Siglen.

“Someday it would be nice to have something who loved me!” The Rowan, expressing a wish for something other than the cupboard love of her barque cat, or reaction to her Talent.

“Old horrors could indeed grab you at the most unexpected moments.” The Rowan, when a rough sea triggers the fears planted by her earlier experience trapped in a hopper caught in a landslide.

“Love isn’t as strong as it’s supposed to be.” Peter Reidinger III, Earth Prime, when his idea of breaking the Rowan’s fear of space travel by her love for Jeff Raven fails.

“One is forced to put away childish things.” The Rowan is remembering, with deep regret, the pukha she had as a child.

“Why have a dog and bark yourself?” One of Siglen’s sayings. In this case, the Talents have spotted an alien invader and must convince the Fleet that it is a real threat.

“I know what it’s like to be used that way.” Sue Ann Bowling, Tourist Trap. Flame, trying to explain to Penny the difference between being used as a slave and the mutual love she and Roi share.