I wasn’t planning to continue the scene from Tourist Trap, as I wasn’t sure how to break up the 9 sentences remaining. But it got so much attention last week I decided to cut the next 3 sentences and give the end of the scene. Next week I might give Zhaim’s POV, a little later. Meanwhile, I decided to include some eye candy of a somewhat different sort, thanks to Hubble.

Timi’s grip on Roi tightened as Zhaim stalked forward, his arm swinging back as he came. Roi tried to duck away from the blow, but Timi’s hold swung him into it instead. His head snapped to the side, and then before he could recover another blow slammed into his stomach, followed by a kick to his groin.

The world narrowed to a maelstrom of fists, knees and feet. He felt ribs give, and then a tearing pain as Timi’s body twisted his shoulder out of its socket in an effort to keep him on his feet. He hoped with all his heart, as the darkness closed in around him, that at least one of the dogs would get its message to Kyrie.

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