Every year the Tanana Valley Kennel Club holds 3 days of dog shows and obedience trials over the Memorial Day weekend. I used to participate in both breed and obedience. (In tracking, too, but that’s a different weekend.) Sadly, I was already too unbalanced (physically) to participate by the time the AKC added agility, herding, and rally obedience, but I still enjoy watching and fantasizing about what some of my Shelties could have done if those activities had been available back when.

I still attend, to catch up on old friendships and watch the dogs. Here are a few of the things I saw—mostly this year, though I’ve included one shot from past years to show the Chinese Crested.


This Papillion won Rally Advanced B, which included heeling off lead between a dish of bacon treats and a toy.

Great Danes

Harlequin and mantle Great Danes. Cropped and uncropped ears are now equally acceptable (at least in theory.)

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

A Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, not a common breed.

Last Minute before the ring

A blue merle Sheltie , ring ready, with ringside activity in the background.

Campers and tents

Most of the exhibitors camped out on the fairgrounds, with a wide assortment of campers and tents.

Shelties resting

The first day’s group second, chilling out after ring time. Exercise pens are common in the camping area.

Chinese Crested

Not a breed adapted to Alaska!. This Chinese Crested is not shaved; the breed has hair only on the head, legs and tail. The spotted skin is actually not uncommon in some white dogs.

A pair of whippets outside the shhow building.

A pair of Whippets outside the show building