from week on Six Sentence Sunday I posted the end of the scene where Zhaim catches and beats Roi unconscious. Here’s Zhaim, a short time later. Again, this is from Tourist Trap. Nik, by the way, is a physician, but also a good enough esper that he just might pick up Roi’s connection to Zhaim’s injuries.

Zhaim scowled as he dabbed antiseptic on his hands. Not only had he cut his knuckles on the brat’s teeth, the young devil had managed to bite him several times during the beating. He hissed as the antiseptic foamed in the crescentic wounds on the heel of his right hand. His shoulder ached, too, but at least he’d managed to keep the brat away from his face. As it was, he would have to keep his hand and shoulder hidden until they healed. Certainly he couldn’t ask Nik Tarlian to treat him.

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