Sunrise 10:22 am, sunset 3:21 pm for 5 hours 20 min of daylight. The sun is over 9 times its diameter above the horizon, and driving south on icy (reflective) roads is a real pain. We’re gaining 6 minutes a day, now, and the sunshine is visible shining from the south window on my north walls at noon. We’re on the upswing!

On the down side, it’s 33 below today. I’m just as happy I don’t need to go out and get the mail. Still, it’s nice to see the seed catalogs arriving. It’s pleasant to know that we’re on the way to spring, even if the thermometer doesn’t show it yet. In fact the battery-operated remote thermometer doesn’t even register—the batteries are frozen. An since I’m in a cold spot, the forecast doesn’t look very encouraging

Makes me feel for my characters in Tourist Trap, caught in a major blizzard.