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Quotes from Mercedes Lackey

These are the contexts of the quotes that were tweeted from @sueannbowling between November 14 and November 20, 2013.

cover, Snow Queen“Not even a Wonder-Smith can mend a heart when it is broken.” The Snow Queen, by Mercedes Lackey. Illmari’s statement after he realizes that the Icehart has a broken heart.

cover, Sleeping Beauty “Patience and ethics were not something dark magicians worried about.” The Sleeping Beauty, by Mercedes Lackey. One of the problems caused by the Tradition was that those fated to reenact Traditional pathways accumulated a great deal of magic – which could be harvested by the unscrupulous as well as by the Godmothers.

“There were pitfalls to relying too much on Magical protections.” The Sleeping Beauty, by Mercedes Lackey.Primarily because there was only so much that Magic could do, especially when working against Tradition.

“Nothing killed mint.” The Sleeping Beauty, by Mercedes Lackey.Which was why mint was still growing near the Dwarfs’ hovel. (Actually, Interior Alaskan winters will kill most varieties of mint.”

“A Princess was ill-suited to being a servant and cook.” The Sleeping Beauty, by Mercedes Lackey.Not so much a matter of knowledge, as just not having the right muscles and not being accustomed to being filthy.

“I can tell when it is frustration speaking.” The Sleeping Beauty, by Mercedes Lackey.The mirror-servant, when Godmother Lily apologizes for shouting at him.

“Anything’s better than this.” Homecoming by Sue Ann Bowling. Ander’s response when Cory suggests that he let Roi try to Heal his migraine.


Quotes from Mercedes Lackey

These are the contexts of the quotes tweeted from @sueannbowling from October 10 through October 16, 2013. All but the last are from The Snow Queen, by Mercedes Lackey.

cover, Snow Queen“We weep for joy that we can weep and feel sorrow.” The forest spirits, after Kari’s empathy has given them souls.

“All curses must have some way of being lifted” One of the requirements of the Tradition.

“Be careful what you wish for. You might get it.” Annukka, after she has wished for help and the Bear has appeared.

“That sort of thing happened only in badly-written stories.” Aleksia is spying on the false Snow Queen hoping to understand why she is doing what she is, but she doesn’t really expect the woman to say anything helpful.

“Power was a blessing and a curse.” In this case, Aleksia is thinking of those who are caught up in the Tradition but want only normal lives.

“Fixing things was the job of Champions and Heroes.” But Godmothers tried to steer things so that no fixing was needed.

“There’s a lot of eavesdropping in reading an object’s history.” Tourist Trap, by Sue Ann Bowling. Derry is commenting on the esper ability to “read” an object’s past by handling it.

Quotes from Mercedes Lackey

cover, Snow QueenThese are the contexts of the quotes tweeted from @sueannbowling from August 29 through September 4, 2013. All but the last are from The Snow Queen, by Mercedes Lackey.

“It is so much harder to take a hint of scorn from the beloved than a verbal battering from an enemy.” The Snow Queen, testing Gerda to determine whether she can stand up to Kay.

“I am glad I am not a human.” The Bear, relieved that he does not fall under the Tradition.

“I only promise that I will try.” Kay to the Snow Queen, after she has given him the casket. The important thing is that he promises only to try, which is under his control.

“In a way, eventually, this would be very good for her.” Annukka’s thoughts on Kaari’s experience with the bandits.

“We will help everywhere it is needed.” Annukka’s mental promise as she plays her spell-music.

“What good is immortality without the ability to laugh, to love, to weep?” The lament of the soulless forest spirits.

“Could it possibly be deliberate terrorism?” Bowling, Tourist Trap. Marna is taking the first steps toward unraveling the source of the plague on Eversummer.

These are the contexts of the quotes tweeted from @sueannbowling between July 25 and July 31, 2013. All but the last are from The Snow Queen, by Mercedes Lackey.

cover, Snow Queen“If you did not have a way to make something make sense, you would construct it for your self.” Annukka’s comment on how memory worked.

“Good news keeps company with the turtle; bad news with the hare.” An old Sammi saying.

“People are people, and often they act like frightened sheep.” Annukka to Kaari, when Veikko’s loss results in the townfolks turning against them

“A Wise Woman learns how to put her own woes aside when need calls.” Annukka, putting aside her concern for Veikko as she makes plans to trade for what they need.

“We become truly great only when we work for others as well as ourselves.” The Snow Queen, talking to Kay.

“It was amazing what changes could be made in a relatively short period.” The Snow Queen’s thoughts about Kay, who she has been trying to cure of selfishness.

“You and your nautical terminology! Why not just say you’re going to fasten the front sail in place?” Bowling, Tourist Trap. Amber to Timi, after Timi says he’s going to bend on the jib.

Quotes from Mercedes Lackey

The first six quotes tweeted by @sueannbowling from June 20 through 26 were from The Snow Queen, by Mercedes Lackey.

cover, Snow Queen“There are always repercussions to everything, magical or not.” Annukka, reflecting as she is weaving a spell of protection into a cloak.

“Life moved at the pace of the land here, not the pace of man.” Describing the land of the Sammi

“If a teacher did not come to you, it was up to you to find the teacher.” Part of the way of the Sammi.

“A necklace—now that was an investment.” A major courtship gift indicated the man was serious in his intentions.

“Strong magic had to acknowledge fear in order to conquer it.” A basic principle of magic.

“Difficult? No more difficult that teaching a cat to herd reindeer.” Annukka’s thoughts on getting the Sammi to fight together.

“There will be a next area, I have no doubt about that.” Marna, trying to convince a planetary administrator to boil all drinking water during a plague she suspects is water-spread. Sue Ann Bowling, Tourist Trap.

Here are the contexts of quotes tweeted between May 23 and May 29.

Fortune's Fool cover“You won’t have to depend on anyone else to tell you what to do after this.” Fortune’s Fool, by Mercedes Lackey. Katya to Yulya, suggesting that once she is free, she will still be able to think for herself.

“Even sheep know not to grow much wool in the desert.” Fortune’s Fool, by Mercedes Lackey. Lyuba, commenting on the wool uniforms worn by the mercenaries in the desert climate created by the Jinn.

“Don’t they deserve a chance to repent and reform?” Fortune’s Fool, by Mercedes Lackey. Sergei, explaining why the evil Jinn was imprisoned in a bottle rather than simply dropped down a volcano. (Though I’m not sure that would have killed him, as he appears to be a fire spirit.)

SnowQueen “It was just him and his own thoughts, and he was finding that an uncomfortable experience.” The Snow Queen  by Mercedes Lackey. Kay has always been the center of attention, and he is finding that being left to himself to do what he wishes, without company, is something he doesn’t like.

“Not every tale has a happy ending, after all.” The Snow Queen by Mercedes Lackey.  Some of the Tales forced by the Tradition were tragedies.

“Wishes were dangerous things.” The Snow Queen by Mercedes Lackey.  Aleksia, whose job as Fairy Godmother largely consists of handling the results of “be careful what you wish for.”

“It’s the instability that lets you maneuver.” Tourist Trap by Sue Ann Bowling. Roi is discussing the hang gliders, but this is true of a lot of things.