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Quotes from Mercedes Lackey

These are the quotes that have been tweeted from @sueannbowling from August 23 through August 29.

Foundation Cover“Change is on us, and not everyone likes that change.” Foundation, by Mercedes Lackey. Nikolas, recruiting Mags to help in his observations.

“Ethics—that is the slippery side of ‘right and wrong’” Foundation, by Mercedes Lackey. Nikolas, helping Mags understand the ethics of using his Gift.

Cover, Intrigues“Pretend long enough that you belong, and eventually even you will believe it.” Intrigues, by Mercedes Lackey. Dallan’s advice to Mags

“There will always be bad times; it’s in the nature of things.” Intrigues, by Mercedes Lackey. More of Dallen’s advice to Maggs.

“Ye kin paint a crow white, but that ain’t gonna make it a dove.” Intrigues, by Mercedes Lackey. Mags’s thoughts on the appalling behavior of the Bard Marchand.

“You are still the same person you were before you learned all this.” Intrigues, by Mercedes Lackey. Dallen’s response to Mags’ discovery of his parents’ fate.

“Even now, the memories of that time were hard to face.” Sue Ann Bowling, Homecoming. Marna, faced with the failure of the isolation satellite’s life support system, remembering the plague that wiped out the population of her planet.

Quotes from Mercedes Lackey

These are the quotes tweeted last week from @sueannbowling. All but the last quote are from Foundation by Mercedes Lackey, the first volume of the Collegium series.

Foundation Cover“Don’t gobble, or you’ll be sorry” Mags’ caution to himself when first offered decent food.

“Why shouldn’t life be fair? What’s keeping it from being fair?” Dallen, trying to explain to Mags what it is that Heralds do.

“I am not telling you to never be afraid. But you must not let fear rule you.” Dallen, when Mags is afraid that Cole Porter will take revenge for what he has told the Heralds.

“When you don’t know what to do, do nothing, watch, and wait.” Mags, trying to deal with being a Herald trainee.

“When you did nothing, you forced them to act even when they didn’t intend to.” Mags rationalizing just watching and being careful to do nothing.

“I think mischief is not such a bad thing, though there are surely people who would be very angry at me for saying hat.” Dallen, when he is talking to Mags about the heralds who are upset by the change to the system for mentoring trainees.

“At least you know that you don’t know everything.” Sue Ann Bowling, Homecoming. Derik’s response to Roi’s admission he’s probably missing something when Derik is teaching him the conservation laws as applied to teleportation.