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These are the quotes tweeted over the past week from @sueannbowling. All but the last are from Dragonsdawn, by Anne McCaffrey.

“Anything easily had is rarely worth having.” Sallah Telgar, musing on having fixed on the most difficult male in the colony as a possible mate.

“Sometimes the duties to which rank entitles me are more than its worth.” Emily Boll is talking to Paul Benden, just as Nabi Nabol and Bart Lemos are leaving on their ill-fated try to examine Thread

“They’re ours, and we belong to them.” Sean reassuring Sorka as their dragons are growing up.

“I never thought there’d come a day when I wouldn’t have time for horses.” Sorka, reluctantly deciding that she cannot have horses and her dragon both, as the horses are terrified of the dragon.

“You could usually deal with intelligence.” Jim Tillik’s thoughts on discovering that Thread is a natural hazard, not due to some alien intelligence.

“One can even become accustomed to living beneath a volcano.” Admiral Benden’s remark when it becomes apparent that the volcano they live under is about to blow. (This situation is chillingly similar to those of several large cities today.)

“The planet’s name must have been picked out by a publicity agent.” Bowling, Tourist Trap. Marna is feeling rather jaundiced about the planet named Eversummer. (The early Norse settlers of Greenland probably felt the same way.)

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Quotes from Anne McCaffrey

All of this past week’s quotes but the last were taken from Dragonsdawn, by Anne McCafffrey. This is the first of the Pern novels in terms of internal (Pernese) time, but nineth in terms of when it was written.

“Things were going far too well.” Kenjo, on the first landing approach to Pern.

“History was something one read about in books.” Sorka, then elementary age, is unimpressed by the idea that she is making Pernese history.

“Horses, always. We were promised horses.” Sean, talking with Sorka about the need of the traveling folk for draft animals.

“Alaskans had a reputation for never throwing anything away.” Sallah Telgar, commenting on the way the quartermaster (who is Alaskan) has stripped the colony ship, sending everything remotely usable down to the new colony.

“It’s one thing to see, and another to know.” Sorka, when she is taken along on an exploration trip.

“Mankind prove[s] in many ways that greed is universal.” Admiral Benden at a meeting of the colony’s leaders while they are discussing a legal framework for the new colony.

“If they drink that much beer, they wouldn’t be drinking that much water.” Tourist Trap, by Sue Ann Bowling. Roi’s observation on the Eversummer plague situation, which sends Marna looking for a water-borne source.

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