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Cover, DragonquestThis week’s quotes, tweeted from September 27 through today, are all (except the last) from Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series.

“The best solution is not always easy to accept.” Dragonquest. Brekke, arguing that the grubs, not an expedition to the Red Star, are the proper solution to Pern’s problems with Thread.

Cover, Dragonsong“Honor was always accompanied by responsibility.” Dragonsong. Menolly’s thought as she stands on the windy deck after singing Petiron to his rest.

“Maybes seldom are.” Dragonsong. A saying of Menolly’s mother, recalled as Menolly is running for her life from Thread.Cover, Dragonsinger

“There are other things in life than fish.” Dragonsong. N’Ton, when he finds that Yanus is not even searching for Menolly.

“Size is irrelevant.” Dragonsong. After Menolly’s first encounter with the small, but intense, Lessa.

“Conscientious effort on your part will determine the rate of progress.” Dragonsinger. Oldive, the Master Healer, instructing Menolly on how to get back the use of her hand.

“It’s never easy, saying good-bye.” Bowling, Homecoming. Lai to Marna, as they are leaving her home planet, Riya.

Quotes from Anne McCaffrey

These are the quotes tweeted between September 6 and September 12 from @sueannbowling. All but the last of these quotes are from Dragonquest, by Anne McCaffrey.

Cover of Dragonquest“Adolescence was only a step of life, not a career in itself.” F’nor musing on how some dragonriders, able to impress a dragon in adolescence, never really moved on from that time.

“You solve one problem and five more appear from between. F’lar, when Lessa points out that Groghe wants the dragonriders to go to the red star and wipe out thread at the source.

“Nothing can be decided in heat or hatred.” F’lar, after Kylara has been responsible for the death of two queens, and effectively lost her mind as a result.

“It was one matter to keep dangerous secrets privy. Quite another to guard Craft skills to extinction.” Robinton’s thought, recognizing that many of the losses of information were due to Craftmasters dying before they had passed on all the craft matters kept secret.

“A man ought not to be afraid to say he didn’t know.”  Lessa, approving of Wansor’s refusal to state more than he knows when they are first viewing the Red Star through a telescope.

“They’re learning because they love.” F’nor, after her fire lizards have stood between Brekke and a possible second Impression.

“It was less trouble to read the message than to speculate about it.” Sue Ann Bowling, Homecoming. Derik, when he gets a high-priority message from his son Coryn, who supposedly knows better than to mark a message high priority. (Coryn is actually right on this one.)

Quotes from Anne McCaffrey

These are the quotes that have been tweeted from @sueannbowling over the last seven days. All but the last quote are from Dragonquest, by Anne McCaffrey.

Cover of Dragonquest“There are other ways of remembering important matters.” Canth to F’nor, when they have first found a fire lizard and neither human records no Canth’s memory holds any trace of dragons being bred from them.

“Is age a prerequisite for a loving heart?”  Brekke, when F’nor seems to question Mirrim’s impression of three fire lizards.

“Does maturity always bring compassion?” More of the same.

“Make no judgments where you have no compassion.” Brekke scolding Mirrim when she suggests Kylara is less than would be expected of a weyrwoman.

“Silly people waste time assigning or assuming guilt.”  Robinton, when Lessa tries to consider herself at fault for the present disagreement between the oldtimers she brought forward in time and the modern dragonriders.

“Talk makes no miracles.” Fandarel, speaking to F’lar and Lessa after they have laid out the problem of the oldtimers.

“While saying good-bye forever was hard, it was harder yet not to have the chance.” Lai, grieving over Cloudy. Sue Ann Bowling, Homecoming.

Quotes from Anne McCaffrey

Cover, Masterharper of PernThese are the quotes tweeted over the past week, and all but the last of them were from Anne McCaffrey’s Pern books.

“It would be simple … but … it wasn’t simple.” The Masterharper of Pern. “It” is suicide, after Robinton’s wife has died, partly of her exposure on their honeymoon.

“A man convinced against his will is of his old opinion still.” The Masterharper of Pern. An old saw that Robinton repeats to F’lon, trying to keep him from further antagonizing the Lord Holders.

Cover, Dragonflight“There’s nothing wrong in doubting. It sometimes leads to greater faith.” Dragonflight, the first book written in the Pern series. F’lar to Lessa, when she is expressing her doubt that Thread will fall again.

“Living was striving to do something impossible.” Dragonflight. Lessa’s thought after the first fall. It continues, “to succeed or die, knowing you had tried!”

“I don’t know how to get to a when that has not yet happened.” Dragonflight. F’lar, in response to Robinton’s suggestion that he use the dragons’ ability to go across time to see if his plan is working.

Cover of Dragonquest“The real problem is to reconcile the old with the new.” Dragonquest. F’lar, speaking to Lessa and realizing that the fight over the knife was only a symptom of the gap in perceptions of those brought forward in time 400 years and the present-day Pern.

“I’d get myself in serious trouble someday because I couldn’t tell love from lust.” Sue Ann Bowling, Homecoming. Derik is speaking to Roi, saying what he’d been told long ago. He has had to invade Roi’s memories to tell why he didn’t key a response properly, and found what Roi really thought of his advances.