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It’s Sunday again, and time for Weekend Writing Warriors (click the logo above for rules and other participants) and the logo below for snippet Sunday. Today’s 8 sentences are a continuation of last week’s from Rescue Operation.


NGC 2174But there was one species, the Maungs, that was dangerous to Humans.

They were not aggressive. In fact, the R’il’nai had a long history of peaceful trade relations with the Maungs. But the adult Maungs were a symbiotic relationship between a mammal-like but mindless body and a nervous system that started life as something resembling an insect. That nervous system could not infect the now-extinct pure R’il’nai, or their R’il’noid descendants. But the nervous system could infect Humans during its free-living stage, and became a genuine and frightening parasite in Humans. Most R’il’noids could immediately detect an infected Human, and within a year or two of infection, the parasite could be removed. If it was not, it gradually took over and eliminated the Human mind.

Scary friends, right?