Well, I’m still not sure when they’re sending me home of if they are. My family practice doc was in  today, and says 6 to 12 months of life left. I saw the attourney today to draw up a will, power of attourney and health directives My first priority is getting the trilogy to iUniverse, so the blog is going to be a very occasional thing. I’m going to start jumping ahead in Jarn’s Journal, so you an see where the Jarnian confederation got it’s name, and why all of us have a little bit of Jarn in us. I will try occasionally to get on WWW, too, but that’s about all. Does anyone know about literary executor?

As some of you know, I live alone. They won’t let me go home to that. For one thing, I still can’t use the walker without help, for another I will need oxygen for the immediate future, if not for the rest of my life.

Sorry, but at this point it’s hospice and palliative care. I just hope I can get home to my regular computer. I hate the touchpad on the laptop.