anchorage airport 10:2:14Very brief weather today: it’s snowing and the leaves are down in Fairbanks and the sunset was beautiful with mostly sunshine and termination dust on the Anchorage mountains. Yes, I’m back in Fairbanks, but also back in the hospital so don’t expect much in the way of blogging this week. (Last month’s were pre-scheduled and this month only the quotes are so far.) And working on my laptop in a hospital bed (I’m still in the extensive care ward) is not easy.

I think they let me out of the Anchorage hospital too early, though I admit I was pushing for it. I flew back Thursday after a PET test with low blood sugar, arrived home very tired and just got tireder. Also started having trouble keeping food down. Saturday afternoon I asked Sheila  to take me to the emergency room of the hospital (because of the nausea) where they diagnosed me with probable pneumonia. About the time they were going to take me down for X-rays, I died on the EM room table. If you have to die, that’s where to do it! I don’t know whether they hit me first with the shock pads or the heart massage, but I woke up rather puzzled by the hiatus and with sore ribs–some probably cracked.

Did you know nausea is a frequent symptom of heart irregularity (which is what I had) in women? I do now, and it has been my most frequent sign (immediately preceding the warning buzzer going off) about 4 more times. So far they’ve been able to shock me out if it almost at once. without my even losing awareness–more grist for the writer’s mill .

They think they’ve figured out the heart irregularity–my potassium and magnesium, both important for nerve function, were way low. Also, the first they didn’t have the heart records, so gave me the wrong medications, so now I’m hooked to too many wires and tubes to count, and spending another night in intensive care. Sounds like I will get over this, though I can look forward to more chemo.

Oh, yesterday’s post was written, but I forgot to push the schedule button. It’s up now.