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I am continuing to post from Rescue Operation. Roi Is the first to speak, finishing the sentence Emeraude started last week.

Hubble’s View of Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 1672
Source: Hubblesite.org
“And mine. She’s Lai’s daughter, and she has a mind of her own.” With boosting, he thought he could reach Derry, Kaia and Wif telepathically, even without a planned contact. They wouldn’t know what had happened, any more than he had, and his first priority had better be to let them know, even if they couldn’t break away right now.


By choice Roi was an esper Healer, an artist, and devoted to his family. The Healing talent was a legacy from his R’il’nian father, the last survivor of the now-extinct R’il’nai. His creativity was a gift from the Human mother he could barely remember. His love for children and other small, helpless things might have come from his mother as well, though he thought it just as likely to have been learned from Marna, the R’il’nian stepmother who had taught him to use the Healing ability he’d been born with.

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