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I’m still posting from Both Sides Now, continuing from last week. (All my snippets can be reached from the index.) This is from Mik’s POV, after he has seen Jadel and Star fall.

At least Jadel seemed to have survived the fall, as he was sitting up by the time one of the other riders reached him. Mik wasn’t so sure about Star, who was still trying to struggle to his feet at the bottom of the slope.

“Easy, boy,” he soothed as he rode Coin up to the dazed old gelding. Nothing obviously broken, at least, and as he watched, the horse managed to regain his feet. Mik leaned over to catch the dangling reins, and then patted the brown’s neck before leading him a few paces. Lame. The old horse certainly could not carry Jadel back to the camp. Grimacing, he led Star up the slope to where Curon and Jad waited.

“Jad’s got something wrong with his shoulder, Mik,” Curon called as he approached. “Better have Doc take a look at it. His place isn’t far.” Jadel looked pale, and when he got a good look at the man’s distorted shoulder, Mik knew why.

“I’ll take him,” he said, almost glad of the interruption. “Find Domik and tell him to take over.” He hadn’t seen Doc in well over a month, and this was too good an opportunity to miss.