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I am continuing to post from Rescue Operation. Roi is still speaking, continuing his remark that Zhaim has 8 councilors loyal to his idea of R’il’noids are the only ones worth considering.

Source: Hubblesite.org
“At best they believe in the letter of the law rather than its spirit; at worst they look on the Confederation as R’il’noid property. With me and my three strongest supporters gone, all he’d have needed was three of the four swing votes—and he can be awfully persuasive when he wants to be.” Roi was checking the voting record as he spoke. “Yes—all of his eight were in the eleven, and all the ones here I can count on were in the nine. Along with Tethya, bless her.”

“Tethya? She sides with Zhaim more often than with you, doesn’t she? She’s his sister …”


Half sister actually, as Roi is Zhaim’s half brother.

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