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I’m still posting from Both Sides Now, with the first part being in Doc’s POV as he comes to terms with treating Kevi. The second part is a little distance away, and in Mikal’s POV.

Still, Kevi’s hand was markedly more flexible by the time Doc took the cast off his other hand and Kevi started trying other types of therapy to recover strength and range of motion.

No question that the R’il’noid wasn’t at all what he’d expected, Doc thought. He wondered how Mik would react to the man. He’d find out soon; Mik would have to come by the cave in the next fiveday or so, if only to pick up Coralie for the spring migration. Doc could hardly wait.


The instant Star fell Mikal knew he had made a mistake. Jadel, Star’s rider, was as much too old for this kind of work as was his aged brown snowflake gelding. But they were desperately short-handed. They had to bring all the horses in before the drive to summer pastures. Slavers would almost certainly be watching from the sky, and Terry, who’d been left behind this time, was unique among the younger people in being able not only to look old and unattractive, but in being able to move that way.

Mik didn’t dare use those young and attractive enough to interest the slavers—but leaving the oldsters like Jadel behind, when they needed riders so badly, would have been an insult to the old man.