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It’s Sunday, and time for Weekend Writing Warriors again (click the logo above for links to other authors) and Snippet Sunday (click the logo below.)

I’m continuing from last week with Rescue Operation. Keishala and Lelani have left, deciding they will be no help if politics are involved.


Hubble Interacting Galaxy Arp 148
Source: Hubblesite.org

“Anything I can do?” Emeraude asked.

She had seen immediately what the Inner Council had missed—how the citizens of Horizon would most likely react. Keishala and Lelani were dear to him, but right now they were best off preparing for Keishala’s next concert. Emeraude might be a real help.

“Put together a summary of what you can find about Horizon for the last forty-four years — since Zhaim took over from me as Guardian. I’ll check out the Council vote myself — though I’ve got a sickening feeling I know what happened. I can usually count on eleven of the others to see things my way, and there are eight that follow Zhaim.”


I pre-scheduled this, but I’m off at a writers’ conference. I’ll be late responding to comments and visiting around, but I will get to it next week. Believe me, comments are appreciated.

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