I flew down to Anchorage Wednesday morning, after fasting since noon the day before except for a bit of chicken for supper Tuesday and two hard-boiled eggs for breakfast Wednesday. (Very low-carb diest, which I’m not used to bolusing for.) I had an appointment for a PET scan Wednesday noon, confirmed the day before. While I was on the plane, with my phone in airplane mode, the hospital called to say that due to a Cyclotron breakdown in Seattle(?) they had to cancel. Then the doctor’s office decided that since the earliest I could be scanned was Friday (if the Cyclotron cooperates), they would move the Doctor’s appointment from Thursday to next Tuesday. Which probably means another round trip to Anchorage–if plane space is available.

Of course the Friday scan means I won’t be able to make that day of the writer’s conference. And I seem to have two appointments at two different places for the scan.

About all I am sure of at this point is that I well be here for the Alaska Writers’ Guild conference Saturday and Sunday. I might know a little more about my health status. If I sound up in the air, I am. Wish me luck.