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It’s Sunday, and time for Weekend Writing Warriors again (click the logo above for links to other authors) and Snippet Sunday (click the logo below.)

I’m continuing from last week with Rescue Operation. Emeraude has just suggested that Roi contact his three supporters who were off planet at the time of the vote. Roi is the first to speak.


Spiral Galaxy NGC 3370
Source: Hubblesite.org

“Already planned on that, Audi. If it had been ten to ten with Zhaim breaking the tie, or if fewer than twenty had voted, I might be able to challenge it. As it is — I’m sure going to try, but I’m afraid it may take a vote for reconsideration. Over two-thirds of the Council. And I’m not sure I can get it, at least not right away.”

Keishala sighed as she picked up her music tablet. “Come on, Lani. If you’re going to finish that before the concert, we’d better go somewhere else. If it’s going to be politics, neither of us is going to be much help.”


I’m pre-scheduling the post for next weekend, but I won’t be here. I’m attending the Alaska Writers’ Guild Conference in Anchorage, so my comments will be late. I’ve also sent the summary and first ten pages of Rescue Operation for critique at the conference. Wish me luck!

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