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It’s Saturday and time for Science Fiction Romance Brigade Presents, a blog hop where we share about 200 words from something we’ve written. For rules and links to other participants, click the logo above.

I am still posting from Both Sides Now, a WIP that blends science fiction, adventure, politics and a touch of romance. Doc is introducing Kevi to Coralie, who has been acting as his nurse. Her brother, Mik, was one of those who rescued Kevi.

“Kevi, this is Coralie. She’s acting as my nurse, but she’s Mikal’s sister.” He wasn’t sure how to warn Kevi, in front of Coralie, about her history, or how protective Mik was of her.

Kevi moved back to the table and sat down, favoring his feet considerably more than he had, and nodded his head to Coralie. “I am most pleased to meet you. Have you had a chance to examine Nonie physically? I didn’t dare try without deep anesthesia; she was too afraid of me. And I understand you have no anesthetics.”

Coralie had relaxed visibly, and it took Doc a minute to realize that Kevi, by limping, sitting down and making sure he was not between her and any exit, had deliberately made himself non-threatening. He wasn’t sure whether to be reassured or threatened by the R’il’noid’s ability to read and respond to body language. “Nothing stronger than your willow bark tea,” Doc said.

“Except the Confederation supplies,” Coralie responded.

“We don’t know what they are,” Doc said, exasperated. “Those tubes could be wound dressing or lubricant, we don’t know. Same with the other stuff. I don’t know why your brother ever traded for them.”