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It’s Saturday, and time for Science Fiction Romance Brigade Presents: click on the logo above to find links to other participants. I’m continuing with a work in progress, Both Sides Now. Roi’s badly damaged feet have just been swabbed with a medication Doc has brought, and Doc is worried that Roi held his feet still during the doctoring. Roi speaks first.

“Of course I felt it. It stings more than a little. But you said hold still.”

The vet grinned. “First time I ever had a patient who obeyed orders that well. I was afraid the nerves were damaged. Here, better put these on if you’re going to keep running around.” He handed Roi a pair of high slippers, almost soft boots.

They fit, cradling Roi’s abused feet in fleecy warmth. The R’il’noid bent to examine them. “Silkie hide?” he asked in surprise.

Doc nodded. “Tanned with the fleece on. Not good enough for export, but they’ll protect your feet while they finish healing. Not that you’re ready for too much running around. Finished that soup? Come on, then; I’ve got some solid food up front.”

Roi followed him, almost comfortable walking. “I did warn you I’m a terrible patient, didn’t I? Ever know a doctor who wasn’t? Don’t be fooled by the fact that I can hold still. I did most of my healing while I slept. Now I’m ready to get back in shape.” He had no intention of staying an invalid a moment longer than he had to.