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I am still posting from the opening scene of Rescue Operation, the first book of a trilogy of Roi as an adult—but this first scene is from Zhaim’s POV.

It gave him a raging headache, but revenge was worth it. Maybe he could try it on Roi, the only Inner Council member who seemed to remember that Zhaim had once tried to kill him.

He’d have to make sure that Roi, Derik and Kaia were not present when the news reached the Inner Council, he thought as he prepared for today’s meeting. None of the others, thank goodness, were as strongly inclined to treat Humans as people as Roi was. Zhaim shook his head, remembering what a time he’d had convincing Roi that he was neglecting the Confederation by adopting Human slaves as children.

One of the twenty-four interface lounges in the Council Chamber remained empty after Zhaim took his place. No surprise; Wif had left yesterday to deal with a medical emergency. That left only Roi, regent and head of the Inner Council, with medical training, and the problem that had brought them here was a planet firmly convinced that the plague devastating its population was due to biological warfare waged by three rival planets.

Which makes Roi the logical person to deal with the problem.

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