roses edging lawnSummer Solstice is almost here—at 2:51 am next Saturday, to be exact. Our days are almost as long as they get: 21 hours and 45 minutes, with sunrise at 3 this morning and sunset at 12:45 tomorrow morning. Needless to say, it doesn’t really get dark; the sun at its lowest is only a couple of degrees below the northern horizon.

The weather has not been oppressively hot, and next week’s forecast looks like it will stay nice: high sixties to low 70’s in the daytime, with nighttime lows generally in the 40’s. We could use more rain; the fire danger is still high. We do have chances of showers, but the rain is unlikely to make up for the chance of lightning.

Salpiglossis 6:13:14The wild roses edging the lawn are in full bloom, and the delphiniums, still unbudded, are shoulder high. The zucchini are well budded, though not yet in bloom. Many of the annuals planted at the edges of the raised beds are in bloom. I expect more of the perennials will be in bloom next week; the daylilies and the rest of the white iris are showing a little color.

And I’m actually keeping up with the chickweed in the raised beds.