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I’ll continue with the opening of Rescue Operation in its current state. This one is a WIP but I hope very near publication. Zhaim is thinking to himself.

Derik, Kaia and Roi would be horrified by his solution, and would probably be able to sway those not solidly behind him. And since he couldn’t influence them directly….

Or could he?

Whatever Marna had done two and a half centuries ago to prevent him from doing so much as thinking of harming another, it was getting weaker with time—especially since her death, almost fifty years ago. His half-brother, Roi, had always been a weakling, and without Marna Roi simply did not have the strength to manage the regular renewal of the bindings, though he did not seem to realize how badly he was failing.

Zhaim still couldn’t manage to block conditional precognition by himself, at least not without going into convulsions. But he’d located the portion of his abilities that produced that effect, and had taught that part of the skill to another Inner Council member, one who was as appalled by Roi’s treating Humans as people as he was. The bit he’d taught that person was useless in itself, but if applied while Zhaim did the things he alone could do, the result was almost as good as the ability he remembered from the past.

Not a very sympathetic character!

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