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After I had this scheduled. I learned that the SFR Brigade Presents is taking a vacation during the month of June.  I’ll leave this one up, but Saturdays for the rest of June will be something else. Maybe more garden photos, if I get more good ones.  I’m posting from Both Sides Now, a work in progress. Doc Alsyn has been setting a little girl’s arm after Roi has hypnotized her. This is from Roi’s POV.

When [Doc] was done he looked at Roi, who by then was wondering how much longer he could stay upright.

Roi was staggering when Doc led him away. Could he make it back to the place where he had awakened? But Doc took him only a turn or two before pushing him down on a hay bale. “Stay there until I get back,” he ordered, and Roi was too tired to argue. He leaned back against the stacked bales of the wall, and tried to examine his own weakness. Mostly hunger, he decided. SleepSinging didn’t produce the energy drain of true Healing, but it took a tremendous amount of concentration. And he’d last eaten—when? The last food he could remember was the rabbit stew Terry had fed him.

Doctor Alsyn must have come to the same conclusion, because he was carrying a steaming mug as well as a rag-wrapped parcel when he returned. “Get this inside you,” he ordered as he sat on the floor and began examining Roi’s feet. After a moment he grunted, nodded in apparent satisfaction and unwrapped the rags, removing a capped bottle. “Hold still; this’ll sting a little,” he said as he swabbed Roi’s feet.