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 It’s Sunday again, and time for Weekend Writing Warriors (click the logo above for links to other participants) and Snippet Sunday (click the logo below to links to other snippets. This will be the last snippet from the hang gliding scene in Tourist Trap.

The group had been together all morning, and the only thing Roi could find that seemed even remotely suspicious was what seemed a brief hiatus in memory while Timi had been seasoning the thick soup he had made from the first night’s leftovers. There was nothing unusual in that; people did wander off mentally while their bodies continued to work. But they had all slept very soundly last night. Could something or someone have drugged them, working though Timi’s body?

The one thing he was sure of, Roi decided as he withdrew from Timi’s mind, was that while Timi’s body might have been used, Timi himself had no part in the murder attempt. If he reported that he thought the glider had been sabotaged, his father would certainly order a detailed reading of the equipment. Any competent esper would pick up what he had, that Timi had handled the glider. And Timi would be in a very large amount of undeserved trouble.

And this, friends, is the really important decision Roi must make: risk Timi by telling his father, or risk himself by staying quiet. No, I’m not giving the answer, but most of the rest of Tourist Trap depends on his choice.

Next week I’ll start something new, perhaps the opening pages of the book I’m trying to find a publisher for.

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