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The Science Fiction Romance Bragade Presents is a blog hop with up to 200 word snippets of science fiction/romance we have written, published or unpublished. Click on the logo to find links to other authors. The excerpt below is from a work in progress tentatively titled Both Sides Now. Roi and Dr Alsyn, the veterinarian who is the closest thing to a doctor available to the nomads, are talking just after Roi has told Dr. Alsyn he knows several modes of pain control.

“You know about those?” Doc asked sharply.

“Doctor Alsyn, I’m a Healer. I can’t use that right now, but Marna made sure I knew every healing method in the Confederation, as well as what she could teach me of the Riyan methods. I’ve spent an aggregate of several years at the reestablished Jibeth school on Riya. Some of the others are quackery, but a lot have something useful, and I do know them. From what I can feel, I’d go with drugs on that kid, but if you don’t have any sleepSinging would probably help. Only I can’t find her in this maze.”

“SleepSinging?” The term was obviously unfamiliar to Doc.

“It’s a form of hypnosis used by the Jibeth healers. I can guarantee it won’t hurt her, and it might help.”

Doctor Alsyn hesitated, and then turned down an alley between two rows of piled hay bales. “I need to set her arm, and she’s terrified of me. Of all men. Confederation troops caught her and her mother. They took the mother—at least the nomads didn’t find her body. Raped and abandoned the little girl. This way.” His anger was palpable to Roi, but it was no less than his own. Confederation troops, responsible for this kind of outrage?