Birch Buds 5:3:14The sun will rise today at 5:03, and set 17 hours 32 minutes later at 10:28 this evening. Solar elevation at noon is over 40°, and civil twilight will last almost until midnight. As far as daylight is concerned, we’re rapidly approaching summer.

Temperature, too, though I’m not actually putting anything in the ground yet. But I’m leaving the mints, which have been hardening for a week, outdoors at night now that it’s supposed to stay above freezing, and added the thyme, lavender and rosemary to the hardening table.

Birch leaves 5-4-14The birch leaves are swelling fast: greenup time! The two photos were taken about 24 hours apart, Saturday and Sunday afternoon, so you can see how fast the leaves are enlarging. And we’ve broken 70°F.

Of course I don’t trust it to stay that warm, but right now I’ve broken out my shorts and don’t need a sweatshirt to work outdoors. I’ve started watering, too. Right now the fire danger is extreme, though we do have a sprinkle of rain today. Not enough, though.

As of Monday at 8:30, the Sunday YouTube of the weather report had not been posted. If it shows up later today, I’ll add it. It looks a little cooler next week, but still very springlike.