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Science Fiction Romance Brigade Presents is a blog hop with up to 200 word snippets of things we have written, published or unpublished. Click the logo above to find links to other participants. This bit from Both Sides Now (tentative title) is a continuation of the initial meeting between Kevi and Coralie. Remember Kevi has awakened to find his hands and feet almost useless, as is his Healing ability.

Which also meant he could not Heal the person whose pain he felt. Well, he had other resources. Marna had encouraged him to learn every medical tradition he could, as part of his training as a Healer, and there were a number of ways to control pain. Conventional medicine used drugs, but he was also Jibeth-trained, among other traditions, and sleep-singing would do as well.

He looked down again at his feet, and decided that if he broke bones walking on them, the bones would probably need to be broken and reset anyway. The hay walls did not imprison him; there was an obvious opening a few steps from the bed. He got to his feet, steeling himself against the pain, and hobbled over to the door. The floor was rock, with bits of hay and grain here and there. Uncomfortable for bare feet, even those in better shape than his.

The door led to a darkened maze of hay bales and feed sacks, piled more to let air circulate than for easy navigation. He went back for the light, holding it awkwardly in the crook of one arm, and began trying to find the injured person.