Year 10 Day 26

There are times I wonder if I remember anything.

I had just returned from exploring more of the volcanic island when Rainbow asked me, “Are you bringing salt this year?” It took me a moment to realize that while I was exploring the far north partly because the light was good and the sea ice still at its maximum this time of year, the equinox was also shortly before the time the People would return. In fact, I’d started exploring northward partly as a way to occupy myself until they did come back. And I’d “traded” quite a lot pf the salt I had in storage for tanned skins.

“Salt,” I said, deciding the volcanic island could wait. “Wrong time of year for Northern meat; the animals will be coming out of winter, and they’ll be thin. In fact, most of the northern plants will be out of season, too. Dates, figs, and I might help the men collect honey. I can keep the bees from stinging. Have you seen any sign of the People yet?”

“Two scouts. Giraffe was one.”

So tomorrow I will have to visit the salt lake again, and check the few sweet date trees. I might also check the fig trees to the north, and perhaps collect more of the sweet-smelling gum. I wonder what will be new at the gather this year?