ZZ is for Roger Zelazny (1937-1995) a multiple Nebula and Hugo award-winning author of fantasy and science fiction. He is probably best known for his two Amber series (5 books each, all of which I have, plus 12 more by Zelazny.) To be truthful, I went after quotes in his books because I needed the letter Z in my Quotes post, but by the time I was halfway through rereading Nine Princes in Amber I decided to use quotes from his books more often. The first 6 quotes I tweeted this week are from Nine Princes in Amber, the first book in the first series. Z is also for Zhaim, mentioned in the context of the last quote.

9Amber“Some natural skepticism as to the purity of all human motives came and sat upon my chest”. Corwin, awakening in a hospital and realizing he’s been over-drugged.

“Good morning. You’re in trouble.” Corwin, speaking to the head of the hospital in which he has awakened.

“Anyone who tried to hurt me, to use me, did so at his own peril.” Corwin, still amnesiac but realizing that his “accident” was no accident.

“Like all libraries, it was full of books.” Corwin’s first impression when he is brought into his sister’s library.

“I love the gusto with which you assail life.” Flora to her brother Corwin, as he is attacking the first real meal he’s had in some time – hospital and greasy spoon food don’t count.

“What’s yours is yours and a part of you, and it just seems to belong there, inside.” Corwin, trying to get through the amnesia and remember who he is.

“The definition of ‘illegal’ on this planet needs to be changed.” Sue Ann Bowling, Homecoming. Marna, after she has tried to clean up one of Zhaim’s legal (but decidedly immoral) messes.