Magestone coverNN is for Andre Norton (1912-2005) who was one of the first science fiction authors I discovered (in grade school.) She was the first woman to be Gandalf Grand Master of Fantasy, first to be SFWA Grand Master, and first inducted into the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame. She heavily influenced my own writing. N is also for Nik, a character in Homecoming and Tourist Trap.

“By surviving severe danger together, we have learned to cooperate.” Andre Norton, The Magestone. Merith of the Dales (who have been at war with Alizon) in her farewell to Kasarion.

“May the Light strengthen our resolve, and ward us against the Dark.” Andre Norton, The Magestone. Continuation of Merith’s farewell to Kasarion.

Warding cover“Apply your strength to some task that can be accomplished.” Andre Norton, The Magestone. Part of Merith’s thought of what Doubt, her long-dead fiancé, would have said. The whole quote is: “When you have more questions than you have answers, and when most of the questions demand time to be resolved, there is no use in wasting energy by fretting. Apply your strength to some task that can be accomplished, and let time furnish the facts you need to deal with the excess questions.”

“Patience was one of the female’s weapon-shields.” Andre Norton, The Warding of Witch World. Liara’s thought. She lives in the extreme paternalistic and warrior society of Alizon.

“Trust is something which can never be sworn to.” Andre Norton, The Warding of Witch World. Singala’s advice to Liara.

“With a common goal even enemies swear battle-oaths.” Andre Norton, The Warding of Witch World. Merith is telling Liara what her brother Kasarion has already learned.

“There are decisions you can legitimately make for him, but this is not one of them.” Sue Ann Bowling, Tourist Trap. Roi’s father Lai is trying to make a medical choice for him, and Nik, the physician and Lai’s half-brother, intervenes.