BThis is the second day of the A to Z Challenge, and the first day I’ve tried to integrate my regular schedule with the alphabet. Today’s B was easy: Beauty and the Werewolf, a Beauty and the Beast-inspired book which is part of the Five Hundred Kingdoms series. As always on Wednesday I have given the contexts of the quotes tweeted each day of the previous week from @sueannbowling. (They are also shown on my facebook pages.) Today all except the last one are from Beauty and the Werewolf, by Mercedes Lackey, and the final quote refers to the color blue.

The Five Hundred Kingdom books are all “modern re-tellings of classic myths and fairy tales,” but with a difference. In this series there is something called The Tradition which tries to force people’s lives into the nearest story trope, and it is the job of the Godmothers (originally Fairy Godmothers, but now more often human) to steer the Tradition to minimize the impact. Beauty and the Werewolf combines at least three fairy-tale tropes: Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and Little Red Riding Hood, and refers to several others.

Beauty and the Werewolf cover“One should never equate shabby with dirty.” Bella’s thoughts on Granny’s attire.

“What’s magic but manipulation? Or politics, or diplomacy, for that matter?” Granny, speaking to Bella after she has calmed herself down and is starting to consider a rather manipulative way of getting back at Eric.

“A lone wolf in winter was generally a wolf with an empty belly.” Bella’s thought on hearing one wolf howl in the forest.

“I will not lose my temper. It won’t do any good.” Bella’s thought when she is introduced to the werewolf who bit her.

“She had to wonder how this particular werewolf managed to bite anyone.” Bella, faced with Sebastian’s diffidence.

“She’d never let an injury stop her from doing anything she wanted to before.” Bella is determined not to let an injured ankle stop her from exploring.

“The incredible blue followed her into her dreams.” Sue Ann Bowling, Homecoming. Marna has descended into a glacier crevasse, and been captivated by its color.

Incidentally, this is my blogiversary. My first post was April 2, 2010. Seems like just yesterday.