These are the contexts of the quotes tweeted over the last week from @sueannbowling. All but the last are from Mansfield Park, by Jane Austen. Happy 200th birthday, Mansfield Park! If you’re wondering why two this month from Mansfield Park, blame the A to Z challenge next month. I needed a letter H for this post, and it was simpler just to go with an “H” author and double up for a month using Jane Austin.

Mansfield Park Cover“If this man had not twelve thousand a year, he would be a very stupid fellow.” Edmond’s thoughts of Maria’s suitor, Mr. Rushworth.

“Nobody can think more highly of the matrimonial state than myself.” Henry Crawford, who goes on to say that a wife is “Heaven’s last best gift.

“Every body is taken in at one period or another.” Mary Crawford’s comment on courtship and marriage.

“Mothers certainly have not yet got quite the right way of managing their daughters.” Mary Crawford, commenting on the confusion sometimes caused by whether a girl is “in’” or “out.”

“Every thing is to be got with money.” Mary Crawford, saying how she has always considered thing to be in London. Not at Mansfield, where she has run into problems in getting a conveyance for her harp.

“The player must always be best off, for she is gratified in more ways than one.” Mary Crawford, commenting on playing the harp.

“Even having been a slave didn’t count next to the promise of talent.” Sue Ann Bowling, Homecoming. Roi has just been introduced to one of his idols, the dancer Loki Faranian, who acknowledges but is clearly untroubled by Roi’s past.