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Setup: Roi has managed to pull the power pack and convince his father not to have the Trek company guard him. Now he has the glider circling in an updraft to regain some of the height he has lost.

The glider was responsive now, if cranky, and he thought back to Derry’s lessons on his own uncompensated wing. He had sworn the task was impossible when he had first tried uncompensated flight. After the negative compensation he had just experienced, the natural instability of the little craft was a joy to work with. He didn’t even want to think about what the glider would have been like if he’d been using full compensation, rather than a quarter.

An acrid smell brought his attention back from the world circling below him, and he groaned as he saw smoke pouring out of the empty power pack compartment. Cautious exploration with his bare right hand confirmed the heat in the left uptube, in the region of the compensation chip. Whoever had sabotaged his wing had made sure that the evidence would be destroyed, and the glider’s misbehavior probably attributed to a short circuit. Come to think about it, he wasn’t sure how much heat the synthetic that made up the control bar would stand without weakening or even igniting.

Maybe he shouldn’t have insisted that the escort craft leave him alone!

I’m going to keep posting from Tourist Trap (available from Barnes and Noble, iUniverse and Amazon) until Roi is faced with a decision that will have repercussions for the rest of the book. Meanwhile:

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