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I’m continuing with a passage from Homecoming, my first published book. Marna, preparing to meet the last surviving male of her species, has just realized that Humans have the appearance of being “in heat” all the time.

What effect would living with such a species have had on Lai? Marna glanced down at her own narrow-hipped, breastless body, then looked cross-eyed at a strand of wet hair hanging in front of her eyes. Since that first visit to the city, she had simply lopped off strands of hair that got in her way. There was a mirror in the personal care room, but it had been a long time since she had used it for anything but checking for dirt smudges. If the only male of her species was coming to meet her that afternoon, perhaps she ought at least to even up her hair and find something to wear that was a little more flattering than her usual shorts and ragged tunic. She lay back in the scented water, trying not to think, until Cinda finished her gathering. Then she followed the young Human to the house, where she found herself telling the girl how to use her cooking equipment.

“What’s he like?” she finally asked Cinda, over lunch.

Homecoming is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and iUniverse.