Here are the contexts of the quotes tweeted  (and placed on facebook) between March 6 and 12, 2014. All but the last are from Mansfield Park, by Jane Austin, which is 200 years old this year.

Mansfield Park Cover“Every thing will turn to account when love is once set going, even the sandwich tray.” Edmond is captivated by Mary Crawford playing the harp, and it seems everything in the room is adding to the enchantment.

“Selfishness must always be forgiven, you know, for there is no hope of a cure.” Part of Mary Crawford’s apology to Fanny when she knows she has kept Fanny’s horse too long.

“A young party is always provided with a shady lane.” A somewhat tongue-in-cheek comment by the narrator on the fact that hot weather is not going to spoil the pleasure of the young people.

“To whose happy lot was it to fall?” Maria and Julia are rivals for Henry Crawford, and both want to sit with him on the barouche box.

“A whole family assembling regularly for the purpose of prayer, is fine.” Fanny’s comment (which brings a good deal of satire from the rest) on the old custom of daily household prayers.

“Every body likes to go their own way.” Mary is arguing for freedom of choice where religion is concerned.

“I think now I made the wrong choice.” Sue Ann Bowling, Tourist Trap. Xazhar is beginning to think that his grandfather is wiser than his father.