The sun will rise at 8:42 this morning, and set 8 hours and 47 minutes later at 5:29 this afternoon. It gets up to 13.5 ° above the horizon at 1:05 pm now. It’s still cold, with occasional snow flurries. I now have 2 feet of snow on the ground, occasionally marked by moose tracks. Temperatures are generally in the minus 20’s at night and below zero in the daytime, though it might warm up a little by the weekend. Most likely it’ll stay about 10 degrees colder than normal this week, but at least no 40 below is forecast here in the Fairbanks area. The north coast may really be getting it, though.

The roads are still slick, but no more so than usual.

We don’t get much wind here in the valley, but wind chill has been setting records in some parts of the state. That I can do without!