AZ 2014 logoWell, I signed up for the A to Z blog challenge again.

Not the way I did it last year! As those who follow this blog know, I have four regularly scheduled posts a week: snippets from my books on Sunday, Alaska weather on Monday, contexts of quotations from books on Wednesday, and Jarn’s Journal (part of the background story of the universe in which I set most of my science fiction) on Friday. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday have posts if I have something to say. Last year I kept those up in addition to 6 posts a week on letters of the alphabet.

Ten posts a week? Too much for me and I suspect too much for many followers, not to mention the cross indexing of the posts needed.

This year I’m doing things a little differently. The four scheduled posts a week will continue, but each one will incorporate the letter of the alphabet assigned to that day. On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday I’ll post something that interests me that starts with the letter of the day. Meteorology, science in general, and writing will be dominant, but I don’t promise not to break out of that framework completely.

A second change, which I will implement fairly soon, involves the time of day that the posts go live. Aside from Sunday, I have been scheduling posts to go live at 8 am Alaska Time. The problem with this is that Alaska time is so far west – 9 hours after UT. 8 am here is noon on the East coast, and the next day in much of the Eastern Hemisphere. Since A to Z is a global blog challenge, this means that many people will find only the blog for the previous day. So I am going to start scheduling blogs for 00 Alaska time (4 am Eastern, and 0900 UT aside from the daylight time shift.) I will try to implement this change in February.

If you’re interested in the A to Z blog, it opened for sign-up Monday. You can reach the website by clicking on the logo above (new window) or the one in the sidebar (I haven’t yet figured out how to set up a sidebar image to open a new window in WordPress. Suggestions are welcome if you know how!)